Saturday, October 4, 2008

wow . . . minion summoning . . . wow

Ok, so I had some great screenshots. had. My computer decided to die on me about two hours into my play this morning.

See, I had these great screenshots of me taking down this cat. A fat cat at that. He was hanging out in Chelsea Court in Marleybone. You had to defeat him nine times and then go back to Mr. Dworgyn with a pretty penny from said fat cat. Dworgyn then supplies you with a new card.

Wow . . . minion summoning . . . wow. This changes everything.

Let me tell you, I had SO much fun playing with minion summoning this morning after I got my new card. What a huge blast that was. It took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on with the summoning, but I've got it now. the more pips you have in your queue when you cast your minion, the stronger the minion you get. awesome.

So as far as I could tell, it went a bit like this:

1 pip = a rank 1 ghost (100 hitpoints or so)
2 pips = a rank 2 dark faerie (200 hitpoints) *taunts
3 pips = a rank 2 skeletal warrior (300 hitpoints) *taunts
4 pips = a rank 3 ghoul (400 hitpoints)
5 pips = a rank 3 ghost (500 hitpoints)
6 pips = a rank 4 banshee (600 hitpoints)
7 pips = a rank 4 scarecrow (700 hitpoints)
8 pips = a rank 5 ghost (800 hitpoints) *taunts
9 pips = a rank 6 banshee (900 hitpoints) *taunts
10 pips = a rank 6 ghoul (1000 hitpoints)
11 pips = a rank 6 Krokomummy (1100 hitpoints)
12 pips = a rank 6 skeletal warrior (1200 hitpoints)
13 pips = a rank 6 ghost (1300 hitpoints)
14 pips = a rank 7 wraith (1400 hitpoints)

I will update this blog post as I get more information.

I can't tell you how much easier the minion makes soloing. The lower minions serve as a target for enemies to dump their spells on, which protects you. The higher minions tend to cast DoT spells and are so tough. Most of them also come equipped with a frost spell that cuts the next spell damage to them in half. After the fourth pip, they will start to cast 4 pip spells at max (kraken usually).

More strategies on using the minion as I figure them out. It shouldn't be too tough to figure out the benefits. I love this spell. I'd only opt to not use it if my card line up and opponents were such that it would slow things down to cast a minion.

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Death school definitely gets the coolest minions, love their flexibility! I was looking forward to Freddy Nine Lives when I started Marleybone but alas, he's only there for the Necromancers' spell quests. All I got for Ice school was another red-haired Banshee - though I did have to fight her several times before she finally handed over my 3-pip Ice Guardian.

Eric Nighthunter said...

Is that a solo quest,because life has a quest where you do the same thing but for a healing spell?