Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Down to the Wire, Saved by a Friend

In looking through my quest list, I discovered that I had left behind a couple quests in krokotopia. So I find myself locked in battle with the minotaur boss out there in the open in that entry room with Shelek the Wise on Sphinx Isle. This guy come along with two adds. I have one guy on my list, and that's it. nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I ask if he'll help . . . he's busy . . . he'll come as soon as he can.

So I jump in and I'm getting hammered by these three. I get one down before I'm miserably defeated. Sigh. Well, I'm thinking, let me just go back there and see if he's still there. Wouldn't you know it, he's still there and he now only has one of his friends! I tried to go at it again, and I think . . . ok, kill off his other friend before defeat and come try it again. Nope. My plan seemed to work perfectly, except he despawned.


So I respawn the event and give it a third try. Somehow my cards just landed perfectly this time around, and I kill off his two adds, and I'm doing pretty good at keeping myself alive! wow! I'm fighting and fighting and healing and healing, and it's getting down to the wire because for the first time, my full card deck is getting near empty. WOW.

So I find myself with one skeletal pirate that could be up to 4 pips away, and hardly anything else worth mentioning. I think a myth buff card or two. He's almost defeated and I have about half life. I could be defeated . . .

When poof!

YAY! My good friend Calab magically jumps to me. This is a surprise since he wasn't on my friend list before when I checked. Whew. In typical Han Solo fashion, he comes zooming in and finishes this guy off. I love when that happens.


This was a battle to go down in the books. Definitely.

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