Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Patch Day October 1

Haha! This is the best news ever! No longer will our unique pets all be named Baby Abbey!!!!! I'm excited to see what strange combinations pop up on the unique pets.

Here's the full patch message below:

Big News!
1. All new pets dropped by bosses will no longer only be named Baby Abbey, they will now have a randomly generated name.
2. The floating book pedestal in Crimson Fields appears to have been fixed.
3. Choose your friends wisely. The size of the Friends List is no longer unlimited. Each character can have a maximum of 100 friends, if you have 100 or more friends now, you cannot add new friends until you remove enough people from your list to bring the total under 100.

1. Steal spells now describe the "steal" action.
2. Accuracy for the Stun and Freeze spells has been increased to 70%
3. Quench spell Rank has been reduced to 2
4. Melt spell Rank has been reduced to 2
5. Dissipate spell Rank has been reduced to 2
6. Rebirth's spell accuracy has been reduced

1. Djeserit Dwellers will turn to dust when they are defeated in a duel.
2. Oka looks much more like his portrait.
3. Players can no longer interact with the Frozen Forge multiple times.
4. Zan'ne may ask you to do the Tome of the Fang quest again.
5. Desert Golems give credit for both Elemental and Golem badges.
6. Completing the quest "A Fang in Hand" is no longer be required for "Master of the Oasis" Badge.
7. Shackled Slaves will no longer have the word 'Shackled Slave' over them.

Moo Shu
1. The Myth Wand available in Moo Shu is now available for all schools of Wizards to use.
2. Players can no longer use "Teleport To Friend" when another player is inside Fushiko's dojo in Village of Sorrow, since it is now a single-player instance zone. You are meant to complete this on your own as a test of your ability.
3. The floating book pedestal in Crimson Fields appears to have been fixed.

1. Cyrus has been busy with his red corrective pen again, this time he's been correcting grammar and spelling.
2. Many treasure cards have new cinematics when they are cast.
3. At the Wizard Creation screen, buttons have been added to rotate your character during character creation. You can still use the mouse to do this as well.
4. The names of all the mini games can now be said in Text Chat.

I also want to point out some cool news from the newsletter: Unique Halloween items in exchange for crowns!!

Happy Card Dueling.

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