Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mooshu Shmooshu

Thomas Lionblood stood resolutely at the doorway to the Mooshu world. Everything he had accomplished so far in his academic pursuits in the World of Wizards was preparatory for this one moment. He peeked inside and had a revelatory flash! Apparently there were more sidewalks in his future, only these were nice grass patches instead of cement.

. . . too many ninja pigs, too little time.

Yes, that is right friends! We are back to sidewalks here in Mooshu so far. We’re also back to some more excellent play on words.

HAM-etsu? oh that’s bad. Hametsu is the first major world you are directed to for some of that good ol’ fashion quest’y goodness.

Shojiro Gama here is a wisen’d bull ninja that sends you on your way. Holy cow that’s an awesome look he has on his face there. I should send him to go meet my friend the balloon car driver in Marleybone . . . I think they’d have a lot to not talk about.

So our town ninja and its citizens have you putting out fires, recovering stolen food, and using your Marleybone-esque detective skills to discover where the metal needs to be put to the curly tail.

This is Do-Daga, the main bad guy of Hametsu. He liked to talk smack and carry a gigantic axe. I wonder if there was ever a death metal band that dressed up like pigs?

This is Do-Daga after you pull the carpet from under him. Wee!

It looks like the Tatakai village is next up on deck! Wish me luck. :-) Any insights as to what should not be missed in Tatakai village are most welcomed.

Thanks for reading! Happy Card Dueling!


brenda said...

Weird being at the same place you are :) Though I am only starting in Hametsu.

As for death metal bands where the members dress up as farm animals, well, who can forget Sykotic Sinfoney?

stingite said...

The only other thing I could think of was GWAR.

Although they were more . . . demon'y.