Sunday, October 5, 2008

Species Bias--Who Shot the Sheriff?

My adventures have taken me into the depths (or heights rather) of the Scotland Yard prison. Unfortunately it seems all the real criminals have escaped and all the innocent have been left behind to plead their case to me. It's cool. I'll help them out because that's how the friendly necromancer rolls, yo.

I do have a side comment on the fact that most of the criminals are cats and the good guys are dogs. Marleybone is totally species biased. Outrageous. Ok, there, I said it. But, at least the dogs try to be humane in their capture of cats. Here's a picture from within the prison. See? They gave their prisoners free and colorful balls of yarn to play with. See?

You know . . . given the name of the town is Marleybone, right? Like Bob Marley, right? And given it's all about jail cells and criminals, right? I keep waiting to find a dreadlocked Chihuahua who quotes me the lyrics to "I shot the sheriff." You know, and maybe that NPC could even come along with an associated quest for finding the deputy's killer.

I really hope this happens.


brenda said...

Hi! Another Wizard 101 blogger :) A lot of people mention it, but so few blog about their adventures. I blog about my adventures in Wizard 101 at

I love reading about your adventures!

stingite said...

awesome! Thanks brenda!