Thursday, October 30, 2008

Golem Albinism!

Have you ever heard of the Albino Squirrel Preservation Society?

That’s one cute little dude on that link. I can see why there’s an organization for their preservation. A white squirrel like that out in nature would seem to scream eat me to a predator.

Well, it’s not a surprise that Wizards 101 has not forgotten our albinic friends (how many color schemes can you use for the same golem model from krokotopia anyway, eh); unfortunately, it is not my goal to preserve this fella . . . it’s my job to destroy him and his non-albinic preservation society members.

Also of note this week, awesome quest names . . . what’s your favorite quest name? I completed one this week called “you shall not pass,” which gets points for the cool LOTR reference . . . but this one goes down in the books:

Gotta love the nod to that band right there. I was so glad I was able to finish up the stray cats quest (another band name nod . . . of course) this week so I could start collecting my classic 80's rock hits.

Happy dueling!

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