Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Final Throws

Hello again friends!

There I was ascending the Big Ben.

.."tick tock"

I couldn’t believe it.

.."tick tock"

For 13 floors I had dueled out victories and defeats both.

.."tick tock"

It was definitely a challenge to get to the top floor

.."tick tock"

and especially when you do all this ascending solo like I seem to do so much these days.

.."tick tock"

It took a while, lemme tell you.

.."tick tock"

*takes aim at the clock and duels out a meteor strike*

That's better. Now where was I . . . oh yeah, along the way I came to a boss that I probably could have avoided if I wasn’t spilling his milk so much.

Spike was no chump (well kind of a chump, I mean look at him with that cap). He had 3,500 hitpoints, and he came alongside two friends. That’s just a lot of hit points to chew through. I actually had to play my balance treasure card that allows me to reshuffle the used cards back into my deck. It was an intense and long battle . . . especially since fire wizards are well known to put out some nice DPR (damage per round . . . how do you like that new acronym?)

The top of Big Ben was amazing.

.."tick tock"

*points a figure at the clock threateningly*

*ticking stops*

You get to see the clock faces from the inside, but the real amazing sight was MALISTAIRE . . . and his trio of bad guys that looked like a painful combination: Death caster boss, Myth caster boss, and a pesky life wizard golem.

So, I went for it.

I was soundly defeated by the trio, BUT I was able to take out the life wizard before my defeat. I drank a potion and ran all those flights of stairs again (huff huff) and then gave those two bosses a shot without Mr. Spirit Armor helping out.

They liked to cast sharks on me. Go figure, it’s an alternate way of cleaning the floors in that place.

I’m happy to say that Meowiarty did fail in his plans, and I was able to stop him from causing any more mischief.

And then the rewards just flowed in.

I love the name of that new badge! It makes me think of that crazy MSI Mastermind song (that I won’t link you to since it has explicit lyrics).

Whew . . . so the end result of all that is of course . . .

It's time! TICK TOCK! Time for more happy dueling! Beware cattle! I'm on my way!

Thanks for reading! ;-)


brenda said...


Hilarious post :)

Arenlor said...

Ermm it's not DPR it's DOT Damage Over Time.

stingite said...

Ok, I'll go with DoT. I guess in my thinking it seems like Wizard 101 is more turn based as opposed to something like Everquest or World of Warcraft that is time based. . . . Since a turn can last anywhere from really quick to really long depending on how fast I select the card I'm dueling . . . meh

it's semantics.

Either way, thanks for posting arenlor!

stingite said...

One more clarification . . .When I said DPR, I was actually being funny and playing off of the term "DPS," which in MMOs refers to Damage Per Second.

I see what you're saying with DOT though since fire wizzies have a couple cool spells that do damage over 3 rounds. Dunno what else they have besides what fire wizzies have cast on me in fights. :-)

Freddy said...

A little tip for doing Spike the Crusher: Don't tip the last (3rd) milk. Clear out the next room, which will get rid of his buddies. THEN go tip the third milk. You'll re-enter the room and just Spike will be there :)

stingite said...

Cool! Thanks for the tip! And welcome to the blog!