Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Life Wizards Picketing KingsIsle!

I was out declawing some scratchers and groaned a big groan. It was a groan that echoed throughout the walls of my house and bounced around the number of empty houses for sale on my block. Times are tough: Stock Market crashing, people gaining new hemorrhoids over presidential election worries, Wars dragging on, the critical eye of the world staring down our country, and then this . . . a scratcher casting a guardian shield.

Oh man. I hate those things. Life wizards love 'em. I hate them. It usually means that I have to chew my way through an extra 500 points of damage to get to the target below them.

BUT WAIT. A REVELATION! I couldn't believe my eyes!

Did that life stealing spell just jump right past the spirit armor? Holy Moly! (or "Holy Mole!" as I did eat some great Mexican food last night.)

My groan turned into a cheer, but I have to wonder how the Life wizards think about this? My daughter is a life wizard . . . I guess I should ask her! Then again, I guess the cards are doing as advertised. /shrug


brenda said...

We life wizards are used to being the low folks on the damage charts.

On the other hand, it's nearly impossible to kill us, so there's that.

Strange about the vampire skipping past spirit armor; I haven't noticed anything like that.

stingite said...

I hadn't noticed anything either and that's why it struck me as so bizarre. Next time it happens I'll try to get the screen shot so the spirit armor shield is showing when it happens. Of course, a lot of other strange things have happened lately like entering an empty instance and getting stuck in combat with nothing attacking me.