Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Favorite defeat animation

So far I have to say that this is my favorite defeat animation in game. (however I haven't seen anything in moo shuu yet . . . keep that in mind)

You know these chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins had to have been an inspiration to the developers. Notice in this video how there's a part when the chimney sweeps begin to circle mary poppins and the kids? I'm clearly reminded of that pavilion in Marleybone (is it ironworks?) where the street sweep frogs are slowly pacing in a circle. haha! And they are kind of frog-like in their movements. Maybe?


brenda said...

That choreography reminds me A LOT of that in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" -- the dance at the house raising in particular.

Tarlac Sandweaver said...

So many of the defeat animations are great. I love the way the Banshee looks down at herself in disbelief before fading away, and the way the hooded cats do the "don't hurt me" wave before jumping to wherever defeated enemies in Wizard101 go.

stingite said...

haha! True true. The kroks turning into sand isn't half bad either. ;-)

Brenda, I had forgotten about seven brides for seven brothers! ha! I'll have to go see if I can track down a youtube of that. :-)

brenda said...

Here's the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers dance I was thinking of:


I love old musicals :) Well, new musicals, too (LOVED Once!).

stingite said...

Loved it! I see what you're saying with how they circled around them.

I don't approve of jumping axe handles and then chucking your axe like a wild maniac though . . . even if we're close to Halloween. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Does this post make me look more mature? lol