Friday, February 10, 2012

Petnome the Foo, Get Something Special

Ever since the new Kirin's Hoard Packs hit the street, Foo Dogs are the new pink! (Or lavender as the case may be)

And to those ends, petnome is trying to uncover every last talent they can for each of them.

Here's how the tally stands as of this morning:

Elemental Foo Dog (14/20 abilities discovered)
Fiendish Foo Dog (11/20 abilities discovered)
Guardian Foo Dog (12/20 abilities discovered)
Imperial Foo Dog (4/20 abilities discovered)
Lavender Foo Dog (16/20 abilities discovered)
Sunfire Foo Dog (15/20 abilities discovered)

Bailey and I have been pitching in with our foos, but I think these things could be completed today with the help of everyone!

The promise is that once all these abilities are discovered, "something special" will happen! Hmm?!?! I smell raffle or contest!! I LOVE THE WORD "SPECIAL!"

If you have a first generation foo with an undiscovered talent, submit it to petnome because the special sauce must be allowed to flow!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

wow those talents are coming fast maybe i can try to help but no promise

hey friendly do ya have the sunfire dog at adult or higher

i need to hatch one for my collection and if we hatch some of are pets together then we could add each other as friends

Destiny iceflame

Kevin BattleBlood said...

^_^ Thank you for the shout-out!! You rock the SPIRAL!

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Sweet thanks Tom for the update! Thanks Petnome for all the hard work :D

Rowan WindFlower said...

I think I have the missing Derby talent for the Elemental Foo! I sent in my screenshot, I hope it helps. My Elemental Foo is only at Adult, but I'll work on him a bit more tonight to see if I can turn up any new Talents. Thanks Friendly and Petnome, you really make playing Wiz101 so much fun!