Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spell of the Week--Wraith

*Tombstones pop out of the ground*
*A skeletal figure draped in black emerges from the ground*
*A blue strand of life draining magic pulls out from the target's body*
*The wraith takes its share and passes the remainder to the necromancer as a gift of restoration*


Today's spell of the week is one that's very near and dear to the heart of Wizard101 Necromancers. It's one that I remember looking at from being just a lowly low level necromancer and being excited to hit level 42 so I could train it and put it into my spellbook.

Wraith is a single target spell that drains a base of 500 damage and returns half of the total drained back to the caster. After adding blades and traps and buffs, a necromancer can heal back up to full health and destroy his target all in one spell. I would say that wraith is a class defining spell for Necromancers, not only in looks, but in the essence of its life draining nature. When I think of Necromancers, I instantly think of two spells: Scarecrow and Wraith . . . and dark pixies. ;p

Because of its life draining nature, you used to not be able to add tough and strong cards to this attack. It's part of what made the Sun School less valuable to Necromancers back when Celestia was released. Eventually KingsIsle saw this was not working as intended and allowed both strengthening treasure cards and the sun school spells to be applied to Wraith and all the other life draining spells in the Necromancer spell line. Now we can bump that base damage from 500 all the way up to 683 with a Colossal buff applied. That may not seem like much, but when you're talking base damage in a game that's all about multiplying damage through blades and traps, that's highly important.

I asked the readers of the Friendly Necromancer to shoot me a picture of them casting the Wraith spell, and (again) they did not disappoint! I have fifteen of them to show you. Check 'em out!

Terri Nightshield:

(actually using the Lord Nightshade card, not a wraith card, but that's alright . . . close enough. [The lack of tombstones gives it away])

Alexander Dragontamer:

(Again, this is the Lord Nightshade card . . . no worries)

Rachel Windtalon:

Autumn LotusSong:



Mitchell Battleflame:

Blake Dragonblade (aka Cheats and Crackers):

LOL! That pun was painful and awesome at the same time. ;)

Seth Hunter:


Joshua Lionbane:

Kyle Firesword:

Jason Thundershield:

Courtney Silverflame:

Julia Dragonsword:


Thanks everyone!! Those were great!

Happy Dueling


Gorman Ravenhunter/DarksteelUlamog said...

Grrrr! I meant to send you my max hit screenshot of Wraith. Grrrr! I am sending it now. *mad @ self for not sending screenshot*

Soulrider1 said...

Too bad I wasn't able to send a few good ones myself let alone realizing you were posting it as Spell of the Week. It's still cool. Wraith actually is a reminiscence piece for most or all Necroes. Even I still vaguely remember back when I couldn't wait to hit 42 so I could learn it. Yet, it's just one of the reasons I still use the pet and Mali robe: for their item cards. Hat and shoes may have changed and stitched on, but the robe stayed the same, save for it being stitched on as well.

flash333 said...

You do realize that the first 2 pictures are actually lord nightshade and not the actual wraith spell right?

Nonetheless, nice pictures this week, and I like the tomb pun, that was actually pretty good.

Stingite said...

Yeah, they had mentioned that in their submissions, but I allowed it. I've made a note in the post under their pictures.