Friday, February 24, 2012

The Crown Shop Gets Crown-ier! Wizard101 in China? Angus Strikes Back!

That's right! The Crown Shop just got crown-ier, with much crown-itude and crown-arific items crowning out its crown-ish-ness! Awww, look at this!

Now you know exactly where to go to get your cool running boots. ;) Those stack with your horse, btw.

Have you guys checked out this article about what it's taking to even pitch Wizard101 to China? Holy Sheeeemoly that's pretty amazing.

Tell you what . . . call me a psycho necro, but I think I want to play this version of W101!

Sounds like our friends at KingsIsle are poised to make a lot of cash if this deal actually goes though, but wow! That's an amazing amount of work to go through to port this game over. hehe. I'd love to be able to play that version though, seriously.

Speaking of Psycho necros, I've been playing Angus again a touch! I've mostly been finishing up a few side quests that have been stacking up in his quest log because I got a little . . . bored? frustrated? annoyed? what's the word I'm searching for? . . . with Dragonspyre, and felt like I just wanted to level a bit.

We're talking little insignificant side quests like, oh, the oyster collection bit in Mooshu.

Ok, yeah, I had some big gaping holes in my quest lines that I needed to wrap up. Come to think of it, maybe I don't want to play the Chinese version on Wizard101! It appears I barely have the patience to grind though these quest lines anymore. Actually, when you're on your fifth or sixth character or whatever, it's a little different. hehe. when I was first going through the game, I was a huge completionist. I wanted to finish every quest everywhere. Over time that drive has gone down a bit, but with Angus . . . I'm feeling every level is going to count when it comes time to face off with Malistaire.

So, yes, Angus is just a hair away from level 46 as of this morning. I'd love to get level 48 on him for access to Storm Lord, that's for sure. Angus has enough side quests to get him to at least half way to level 47 if not level 47. I will say that's it's nice to be just a touch more powerful for some of these side quests with Angus. They're still dangerous for him though as he's still only running around with 1119 hitpoints. :)

Hope you have a great day and . . .



Sierra Starsong said...

My "Angus" / PVP wiz, Victoria RoseTalon, is Myth lvl 24. She finally started Grizzleheim yesterday, to take a break from the Arena in the Krokosphinx. Way too many Myth bosses in there for her taste. She may be questing gear-free (or gear-bonus-free, at least; she does wear her Rockin' Outfit from Crab Alley and has a baby Myth Sprite along for company) but definitely gears up for the PVP arena - hovering between Veteran and Knight, rocking a full set of the Princess style arena gear.

Destiny Soultamer said...

Thanks to your post, I found out that Boots of the Comet were available for gold! I felt as if my face was blown back when I tested 'em out. :)

Good luck with Angus, he is very close to the point my main is, it's very interesting to see the differences.


Anonymous said...

um ya guys just noticed that boots of the comet is gold as well

btw i dont know but since angus is going no boost from gear does that also means so speed boosts via the boots of comet or mount

also a few questions on angus challenge chars

first off can ya wear clothes that have no stats like rocking outfit or other empty slate clothes

can ya have a pet that is baby or does nothing and gives no cards
like fire cat or something
even a stray piggle o.O
so can ya

Mason Swiftblade said...

Friendly, I TOTALLY agree with you about playing Wizard101 China!

They have lots of different restrictions in the game and they also have new looks due to cultural restrictions.

Can't wait to try it out!

Sam said...

I was interested by how much they had to change for the Wizard101 release in China when I heard about it.