Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pack-a-palooza Incoming!

Oh! Look at this!

Me haz want dragon pony?!?

That's right, you've seen mount-a-palooza, you've seen pet-a-palooza, you've seen house-a-palooza, and you've even seen plant-a-palooza . . . but have you seen pack-a-palooza? OH, well, maybe in the title of my latest Game Stratagyst article, but this is the real deal y'all!

You probably all got the same e-mail I did, right?

If not, you better head to, log in, and enter the word "pack" in the "redeem a code" link and get the ball rolling!

We've yet to see what the fan sites will do for this event, but I can't wait to see the usual fan craziness that happens around one of these "palooza" events. :)

Stay tuned and . . .

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Oh joy, another pack. A thousand new ultra-cool items that are only accessible by participating in this system of gambling.


flash333 said...

@Anon, it's not gambling, KI specifically states that all the packs give you a CHANCE at the items. By buying one, your taking a chance at getting an item, not a guarantee (it's like a gumball machine).

I do agree it's kinda annoying that allot of decent items are pack only items, but again, it's not gambling since your just given a chance at an item, and not a guarantee (this is what allot of people don't want to realize/admit for whatever reason).

Anonymous said...

wow new pack

i was wondering what the mount was though
by the looks of it there is a gold and silver one
from the news and on there special video on website showing the mounts of the packs

p.s. what is a kirin? and also from my free pack item i got a raven claw totem -___- i have tons of those

Anonymous said...

@flash333, just because KI says there's a chance doesn't mean that the identity of the packs change. Given a chance at an item, and not a guarantee? I realize that, but still think it's gambling.


Anonymous said...

a kirin is a chinese version of what americans call a unicorn. by the way it is spelled qilin not kirin.