Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spell of the Week -- Sirens

The spell of the week is one with an incredible punch, check it out:


It's currently only available to storm wizards at the top levels of the game. After hacking away at the Hoarder (like you do for all level 68 spells), you return to Professor Halston Balestrom to receive your level 68 spell. Who knew these sirens were living under the pond in Cyclops Lane this whole time? ;)

The hit part of this spell is a couple hundred hitpoints worth of damage more powerful than Storm Lord at 880, but instead of stunning the opponent, it dispels a charm, throws on an accuracy debuff, and reduces threat at the same time. Usually stuff ends up extremely deadified whenever I have Kyle cast Sirens. There does seem to be a couple issues with the spell currently, but it's still a great new spell, and I'm sure KI will work out those bugs soon.

I asked readers to ship me screenshots of them casting sirens, and I would choose the best five to be featured here . . . funny enough, I received only five screenshots in total. LOL. Thanks readers! Here they are for you to check out:

Rachel Windtalon returns with a fun shot of the sirens:

My response: LOL, that spider totally has a crush on the red head, but he's gonna GET crushed. I feel sad for the spider!

My response: LOL! YEAH! WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE CAST OF LITTLE MERMAID!!! :) They should make an appearance too! Maybe that'll be the level 78 spell . . . Flounder's Revenge.

Jason Thundershield:

My response: Ouch! Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark. ;)

Kyle Firesword:

My response: OH! nice location. :) How in the world did you find the Kraken Pad empty? hehe.

Matthew Emeraldfist:

My response: . . . and the size of their hair!


Thanks everyone!

Happy Dueling!


The Brave Pyromancer said...

Awesome pictures everyone. Glad to see mine on the blog :)

Rachel Windtalon said...

Nice to see mine too even if there were only 5 pics and Friendly really didn't have a choice lol :P> Probably one of my personal bests. :3

Anonymous said...

cool pics

also i got a idea for a segment ya can so thats like spell of the week but totally different

outfit of the week

so ya pick a theme and then people have to send ya pics of there character with clothes matching the theme
like war theme
ds outfits of any kind etc

and also a pet of the week theme
where we have us show pics of a certain pet

these segments will be really fun and maybe easy?

Anonymous said...

Lol, Flounder's Revenge! Haha, I would love to see that.