Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just Give Me a Few Good Links (Fun Over at Central)

Heya all,

I just wanted to direct you over to a few links at Wizard101 Central that recently caught my eye:

1. (click) Jordan DeathShade (level 70 necromancer) soloed the Tower of the Helephant and tells how he did it so you can take the challenge too.

This is pretty amazing, y'all. Using the same idea as healing off of immolate, the man was able to raise his death resists to 101% and completely ignore the pains of Bone Dragon in there and simultaneously, vastly improve his sacrifices and empower spells.

I may take his gear advice for my regular set up!

Very cool work here from a talented player.

2. (click) The new Foo Dog pets come in every color (not just pink).

The Foo Dog pet looks to be a random pet from the new Kirin's Hoard pack that will soon be coming out. :) I can't wait to get a Death Foo! :)

3. (click) Removing your character for screenshots.

The only reason I'm linking to this is to say, Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to trick out the system to get a good shot of the game without our character in it? I would love if KI would add a 1st person perspective option into the game for when you're running around. That'd be awesome!

4. (click) Not only is Valentina back, but her wands are back on Boss Mob loot tables.

For those who are itching to stitch to something cute, you better go getcha some Valentine loot!

5. (click) Central's Frabjous February contest is giving away a TON of prizes with a Daily Raffle, Hide and Seek Contests, Wiki Scavenger Hunt, Header Contest, and Jester's Fruit Picker Raffle.

Central always runs some solid contests and these are no exception. It can be hard to win since the competition is so high, but you might just win if you give it a try. (I'm in a rhyming mood today. You know what I say?)

6. (click) I am now listed on their blogroll, which I had no idea was even there before. I need to get out more.

If you have a blog and aren't on their blogroll, go sign up! It was easy. :)

Thanks to all the people over at Central for being such an informative and active community!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

i have a few things to say

one i thought it would be imposable to get over 100% resist at all

thats crazy and if someone found out a gear combo for every school
remind me to not face people with the same exact kind of wizard

also how is the people on central getting the foo dogs already i thought they werent release yet
since they come in kirin hoard

flash333 said...

@Anon, it's not impossible as it has been done before by a pyromancer, and is what inspired me to do the same (I'm already up to 95% fire resistance and have soloed angrus hollowsoul many times before without dying and without using shields or fortify).

Also, people are getting the pets and mounts from the free code, and in the event of the pets, people are also hatching them like crazy (I know because I have one I just got from hatching today).

If you check wizard101 central, then you'll know allot more than what you do now.

Anonymous said...

wow i never knew that flash

looks like all my luck with raven was meant to set me back on luck with the free code

i got a raven totem pole
so there are some gear that when in the right combo makes ya imune to a certain school
thnx again for answering my question
now i know what to look for in the hatchery

flash333 said...

@Anon, yep that's correct, though getting the right talents can be tough because there are 3 key talents you need; spell-proof, spell-defying and *insert school of focus*-proof. You'll also need heartsteel and gear that gives the highest resistance to your school possible (you can find the latter in the bazaar, though heartsteel you'll either have to buy with crowns or farm I believe prince gobblestone for it).

Unfortunately, getting over 100% resistance no longer seems to have the healing factor sadly, now you'll just take 0 damage for that school (it will say for example life immune).

Anonymous said...

back again

and got the following foo dogs without hatching

lavender aka storm
guardian aka ice
and the death one