Monday, June 6, 2011

Pet-a-palooza Rocking the Spiral!

Yup! You heard me, pet-a-palooza has come to the spiral.

First thing you need to do is GO LOG IN because if you log in between June 6th 2011 and June 14th 2011, you'll get a free pet snack in your gift window! WOOT! FREE! I'm so good with free stuff. :)

The next thing you need to do is watch this video and pause that sucker at 14 seconds.

haha! It's Uncle Sam-eprachaun!

The official announcement is also in the game's patcher, so . . . you know . . . click that while you're loading up your game and read it.

I'm pretty sure we're all excited to find the new pets that will be arriving in the spiral. It's a good time, and I REALLY REALLY hope that these new pets will be added to the loot tables of bosses around the spiral. I'm thinking that's usually per normal . . . if it's a crowns item, it's also on the loot table of a boss around the spiral.

. . . side note . . .

So today over Twitter I mentioned that I was in attendance at the very first Lollapalooza, which is where the whole "palooza" term originated AFAIK. I mentioned that it'd be awesome for KingsIsle to release a "Siouxsie Banshee" as a pet. ;-) Why? What? Huh?

Oh it was just a reference to Siouxsie and the Banshee's that was one of the acts from that first Lollapalooza. haha.

I'm really showing my age. ;-) (Also, I want the punk at :38 seconds to be one of the new pets too . . . or a Henry Rollins pet . . . .)

Happy Dueling!


Blaze Shadowhorn said...

hey Friendly XD Very nice post and what an amazing eye you have to be able to see uncle sam in the millisecond of a second that he was shown in the video :)
-Blaze Shadowhorn

Morgan BearGiver said...

I know, i am happy 'bout it. BUT the down side is, i dont really have crowns =/

but it all cool. and



Joshua Lionbane said...

lolololololol did you see the part with all the cloud beasts????? xD

flash333 said...

I've read on central that you can get some old pets like death scarab, shardtail dragon and storm beetle by playing games on

Taji34 said...

Check out our latest post, we need your expertise!

Aaron Starheart said...

hey friendly cool pet huh well anyway I saw you in game yesterday through the heroic pyromancer and I was wondering would you like to be friends with the epic thaumaturge please respond via blog or email ( thank you
Aaron StarHeart (Epic Thaumaturge)

why friendly why? :( said...

your blog is no fun anymore :(
i used to read it everyday but now you barely post once a week and whatever you tell us is just stuff we have already read online at or on the update notes. you never tell us how you or bailey is doing in the game, the new stuff you've got, or even advice or answer questions. i wish we had the old friendly necromancer back cuz this new one stinks. you havent even had a contest in months. its the start of summer and wizard101 is adding all sorts of new things and all your doing is just saying the same thing that the website says. at least tell us how angus is doing. or the hatch hybrids you got, or if you got the new epic gift card, or even what you got from the dragon rider packs. i bet you got bone dragon and everything but your just not posting it because idk why. well that was all i had to say its boring to come to your blog everyday to see the same post that was there last week. i am not trying to be mean i am just being honest cause i really loved your blog but not anymore.

Michael Hexrider said...

I'm not sure if you noticed, but if you pause it at 22 seconds in, there is an ice scarab pet. :O

Stingite said...

@why friendly why: Hey, listen, I'm sorry it's not as fun to hang out here any more. I really am. I will try to keep it going and work on it, but I was hoping that posting once a week would at least be better than nothing at all.

Hopefully you've read through a few of my other blogs I've been posting on as well and following me on Twitter. Don't give up on me just yet! I'm still writing for Beckett's and doing my best to raise a family of 3 and be a good husband at the same time. Keeping a daily blog for the past couple of years wasn't always easy.


Anonymous said...

@ why friendly why,

u should chill, friendly is working on his new site so he cant, ive been checking it out and its overflowing awesome!