Friday, November 11, 2011

Wizard101 Shows Valor!

Wizard101 players got a nice surprise today as they logged in.

By clicking the "Redeem Shield of Valor" today, Wizard101 players were redirected to where the code "Valor2011" was entered into the redemption block after being directed to log in.

"In recognition of all those who have served their countries, we offer you the opportunity to claim a Shield of Valor housing decoration item."

It's a very cool looking wall hanging. I've been saving my secret room in my Massive Fantasy Palace for something special, and I think i just found what it will be for. VALOR!

I didn't talk much about receiving the Valor sword for 2009 (because I was busy answering questions), but here's a link to my Veteran's day entry for 2010, which is when I received my statue.

Back in 2009, if you sent KingsIsle an e-mail with a note about a family member that was in the Armed Services, they sent you a code for a Valor sword. That promotion obviously has now ended. My father was in the Army. He never felt quite right about being recognized as a veteran since his experience in the Army was quite different than most. As a matter of fact, my dad was a pretty stellar basketball player and ended up as the Center on the Army basketball team during the Korean War. His tour of duty was spent playing basketball and going to school to become a pharmacist while, he felt, others were sent to die for their country on the battlefield.

But, I don't think he understood that his part in the war was one of building morale. At his funeral they sent him off with a 21-gun salute and handed my mother a flag that had been flown over this great country. He was a veteran, and continued to serve his country in local government positions throughout his life. I'm proud of him, and so this one's for you dad!

Happy Veteran's day from someone who also tries to build morale and silently does his part for the country. Thanks, dad!

Happy dueling!


Charles Raven said...

The last part of your post reminded me of my grandfather; although he was in the Navy instead.

Ronan Ravenshard said...

Wow, it seems like forever since I have played Wizard101. I've missed tons of new spells, new pets, and I missed a world or two?!? Well, I'm not dead, and I'm still your blog, and (well, someone may have taken my place) still your biggest fan!

-Ronan "Nails" Ravenshard

JordanSeaWiz said...

My teacher was in the Air Force and after serving the country for 23 years he retired. He now teaches social studies and he's one of my favorite teachers. Today in class he showed us his flag that was flown over the capitol and he showed us all his patches, pins and medals. Happy Veterans Day, Friendly!

Dustin MoonCatcher said...

Hey Friendly! It's been a while! I was feeling a bit nostalgic today so I decided a visit back to the old Friendly Necromancer's blog was well worth a few minutes. How's it going? I love to see you're still maintaining your site.

-Dustin MoonCatcher (as in W101 Info)

Stingite said...

@Charles: Nice! He didn't see much action in the wars then?

@Ronan: NAILS! Where have you been hiding?!?!

@Jordan: Sounds awesome! Happy Veteran's Day backatcha!

@Dustin: Whoa! First Nails says hi now you?! Wow! What have you been up to?

Dustin MoonCatcher said...

@Friendly I have been very good, thanks! The only video game I've been playing much at all is Minecraft, and only a little bit then. I've actually been writing a lot as well now and then. Recording with the band. How've you been!?

Charles Raven said...

@Friendly: I'm not sure. I forget. Although he did say something about a few fishing boats floating past. I think he had a facepalm moment there.

Anonymous said...

Everyone, in the military, has there their job to do, Friendly and I'm positive your father understood...but no matter what kind of truthful fact or logic you put on it, it just never seems right if you're not way out there on the pointy end. -Just another vet's thoughts

Tara Darkgem said...


Cool! My geography teacher also worked in the army but now he teaches. My Gym teacher too.

Happy Veterans Day!

Anonymous said...

Lol i wish i had wizard101 in that BTW my wizards ├▒ame is Fallon RAven. Lol.