Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Krokomummy Spell -- Spell of the Week

Ahhh yes, the Krokomummy Spell. For the small price of three pips you'll get an awesome animation and 375 fire damage. It's a spell that's not often seen outside of Krokotopia. You can get the spell yourself either through Treasure Cards or the Krokomummy pet.

I asked the readers of The Friendly Necromancer to send me a picture of them casting this spell, and since this was our first attempt at a new feature, I have a little surprise for them. I'll be sending each of them a code for 1,000 crowns. Thanks so much for participating! Here's the screenshots. :)


Name: Swordroll (aka Andrew Goldriver)

He adds: If you're wondering how you get the spell and cast in the same photo, take a look at the bottom of THIS post.


Name: Ronan DrakeBlade


Name: The Pyro Ninjapig (aka Fred Summerflame)

He adds: Awesome blog you have. I have checked your blog everyday for new stuff once I found out about you. Thanks for being awesome and having this krokomummy pic-fest.


(Sadly, I also received a couple pictures from a fourth reader, but I couldn't get them to download on to my computer . . . but I'll ship him 1,000 crowns for his efforts anyway! If he can manage to get those to come through, I'll replace this note with his pictures. Thanks!)


Tune your browser again this way next week to see what spell will be next!

Happy Dueling!


Swordroll said...

What a pleasant, morning surprise. It does appear that I forgot to include my wizard name - this one is Andrew Goldriver if you were curious.

Love the pictures!

The Strong Sorcerer said...

I'm gonna have to send you a picture the next time