Saturday, November 12, 2011

FOG . . . er Game Strategyst Came in the Mail!

So "Fun Online Games" seems to be taking a step back and "Game Strategyst" seems to be taking a step forward for the name of this magazine. Previously the magazine was Fun Online Games with Game Strategyst and now it's the reverse: Game Strategyst with Fun Online Games. Either way, the most recent issue looks like this on the cover:

Awww! That's sad that Lego Universe is the cover story, and now it's going bye bye. My kids love that game! Lately, besides Super Hero Squad Online, that's been Diapermancer's goto game to play. PLAY IT WHILE YOU CAN SON! Lego Universe is going the way of the Dodo!

Parents, this might be a good issue for you to buy if your kids like video games!Pages 26-45 are covered page to page with recent videogame releases as a Holiday Gaming guide. You may want to throw those pages in front of your kids with a pen and have them circle the ones they want for when you craft that letter to Santa.

Inside that magazine you'll also find a great article about Zafaria from moi.

That's right! Zafaria! A far out Safari in Wizard101 written by The Friendly Necromancer. Yup, I knew all about zone names, introductory story plot, and Level 68 spells waaaaay before that awesome video from KI came out. I had to in order to write this story, but of course I couldn't say anything to you all without pre-approval from KingsIsle. (Take note budding game writers! It's called an "embargo," and it means you can't talk about pre-released material until the company's PR says "GO!")

These articles are always a little difficult to write because you're writing blind. KI spoon feeds you information and then through a series of questions and answers you fill in the blanks and start piecing together an article. A lot of coordination goes into articles about unreleased information, so a big thank you goes to KI's Marketing Department from me!

I'm glad that article made it out before Zafaria went live. Secretly I continue to hope that the magazine will hit the shelves early, and I will score a massive scoop . . . but that never happens anymore. Awww well. :) I think this will be a really solid article for people who haven't played Wizard101 for a while yet still read Game Strategyst. Hopefully we'll see a few of our old friends back online.

The code in the magazine this time is for a Candy Cane Wand, perfect for the holiday seasons. It comes with 6 copies of the Ice Shard spell, which does 50 ice damage when cast.

Thanks and Happy Dueling!

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Blaze Shadowblade said...

Is Wizard 101 still considered such an amateur that it's only good coverage has to be in the amateur gaming magazine? And I hope Earth Eternal isn't going to be subjected to FOG coverage if FOG is taking a step back in evolution. Although it might never get coverage again if the new company keeps neglecting the game. All-in-all, I don't feel like subscribing to a second magazine just to get all of the Wizard 101 news (or as has been stated in the article, the month or more old news) and to get the worth while codes. Wizard 101 may be a little slow paced when it comes to getting things accomplished, but the game deserves more than this. I motion for full coverage in MOG not split coverage.