Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Greyhorn Mercenary Land

Well, I thought I'd just put up a quick post to let you all know where I am and what I'm doing. I'm currently Level 67 on the Test Realm and quickly approaching level 68 (only two bubbles away). Woot! Test cast of Dr. Von's monster coming up! Can't wait. :)

The road to Level 68 has been fun. There were a couple cheating bosses along the way, a trip to a zoo, magical wall paintings that recounted all of Zafaria's majestic past, and . . . a lot of greyhorn mercenaries. A lot ...

Yeah and funny enough, this morning when I logged off I got another quest to kill . . . You guessed it! Greyhorn mercenaries.

Well, that's one badge that shouldn't be too difficult to earn! :)

It's been kind of an insane week, y'all. One of our computers had a hard drive fail, and the Geek Squad at Best Buy was baffled. Needless to say, our family's gaming and computer use has been, um, restricted. I've got deadlines approaching, a death in the family, parent teacher conferences, and business crap woes . . . Not to unload on you all. I WILL PREVAIL!!


How's your bug finding going on the Test Realm? Good?

Happy Dueling!


Blaze Shadowblade said...

Well if you are getting tons of quests for killing any particular mobs, they might just be place holder quests to take the place of quests currently being produced for the second round of testing. Once more questlines are developed (if there will be more coming to Zafaria that is), you might see some of those quests replaced with new ones.

Jose Seashield said...

Thanks for the post! It's always good to read your voice. Even you have the right to blog off a little steam. It let's us know you're a real person.

Good Luck Friendly!

PS. I look forward to seeing Dr. Von's Monster in action :)

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Nice job Tom! I hope you get your computed fixed soon! You totally have to show me Dr. Von's monster when you get it XD

Speaking of Vons, as you know i'm in Cali and last night at 8PST (for me on body clock 11 EST) my dad and I went to a grocery store called Vons. It's a grocery store from his childhood so it just clicked in my head and I had to say that :P

Keep up the amazing posts!
-Blaze Shadowhorn


I feel so sad because I made 60 after test realm came out and can't test Zafaria! Lol. Can't wait to see Dr.Vons monster!