Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Zafaria news exploding!

Yup, it's starting to break all over the MMO news scene as KingsIsle officially announced the name of the new Wizard101 expansion today!

Everybody ready for Zafaria!? I AM! BRING IT MORGANTHE!!


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2. Massively

3. Beckett


5. Wizard101's Newsletter


Happy Dueling!!


Benjamin Dragonsword said...

woot i was right they are making a spell that deals death, myth, and life damage!

Anonymous said...

while i like the chimera for balance and basilisk for myth, i saw no death spell, volcano is ok, frankenstein doesn't strike me as storm, the wooly mammoth is a little weak, but i like the ice symbol on its head, and giant garden gnome? really?

Benjamin Dragonsword said...

... hey i think that the death spell is missing (or storm). chimera (balance), garden gnome (life), wyvern (myth), volcano (fire), mammoth (ice), Katzenstein's monster (based on the attack, probably storm). I wonder what the death spell will be...

Blaze Shadowblade said...

@Benjamin Dragonsword: It could be that they want to meet the demands of us wizards who want one and that's why they are making it.

Blaze Shadowblade said...

I believe it was in an old forums post about creating your own spell where someone suggested the chimera. Of course, I've mulled the idea over in my head before and love it.