Friday, November 4, 2011

Zafaria Info from Test Realm EXPLODES! BOOM!

This is how Wizard101 fans operate . . . Less than 24 hours later after Zafaria has been released.

- All level 68 spells have been revealed (A couple Astrals too) (oh yeah, gardening spells too). (oh yeah even MORE astral spells)

- Leopard pet drop location confirmed and skink too. (as well as a confirmation that there is a lack of new school pets.)(also, petnomes for leopard and skink)(also, trying to discover all rewards for feeding pets your gear.)

- Level 70's title is not heroic, but "Transcended."

- There's an elephant transformation potion quest.

- How to beat Belloq's cheat.

- A video of all the new mounts in Zafaria.

- New wand with no level requirement in the crowns shop.

- There are a couple guides at work for Monkees locations: here's one.

WHEW. You all work very fast and furious.

Me? Well, there's no way I can keep up with all that. I'm content with watching from a distance and trying to throw out a joke or two. I did get some time playing with Uber Wife on the test realm last night though! We're finally on the same quest, but I'm pretty sure she's going to play some more today on the test realm without me while I'm at work. I'll catch up. :) Too be honest, it was extremely difficult to find an open slot in the battle circles on the test realm last night. Hopefully that will calm down over the next few days. I think we'll start to see even more information and hopefully more meaningful discussion about how our gameplay will change. Nathan Shadowblood is off to a good start.

Oh yeah, and all this talk this fast is aging me quickly:

I'm a lost student . . . with grey hair! :( KI! My hair is blue not grey! ;)

It's good to see everyone having fun with Zafaria. Remember though, it's not a race (well, anymore at least). We'll all be Transcended soon enough. :) How does it feel to you? Do you like the feel of the new world? Done any good bug reports?

Happy Dueling!


Talon Thunderblade said...

OH! Friendly, you should have linked my blog when you said the title was not heroic lol.

Wait, that's contradicting to my own statement of heroism...

Still! It would have been cool if I had that badge... "Heroic Pyromancer"

Icy Wiz said...

Uber-wife finally put you in your place! :D

Anonymous said...

Just a note that the staff is supposed to have a level restriction and a power pip. At least that is what KI said on their update page :)

The Sidhe staff should have a level 65 restriction on it and it should be adding a power pip instead of a normal pip. This will be updated before the item is available in the Live Game.

Anonymous said...

Hi, TFN!
No to 'Heroic' title for level 70, eh? How about: "Majestic" or 'Valiant' or 'Phenom' or 'Ascendant' or "Excelsior" or "Extraordinaire" or 'Eternal' or 'Supreme' or 'Magnificent'???

from Mark StormRider
Lvl 60 Storm
GM Artisan