Monday, October 26, 2009

What happened to the CCG?

Got a good question here:
i was wondering what happened to your idea of the trading card game for Wizard 101 that you were working on. i read it on one of your blogs and me and my son loved the idea and were hoping to print off the cards and get his mother to play that with us( she is not to into actual video games.).

Yeah . . . it's been around three months since I was talking about making a CCG. I guess I kind of got a little disheartened about the project. I need to get that intensity back about it.

Ok, so as far as I can tell I'm down to the last six player cards that need to be made.

I need the following people to step up:

1 fire wizard
1 storm wizard
2 ice wizards
2 life wizards

I think once I have those done, then the next thing I will need to do is make the monster cards.

So, if you're interested: leave me a note below with a way to contact you for more information. If you leave me an e-mail address, I will write it down and delete your post as soon as I can so I can remove your personal information. If you don't have an e-mail, leave me your name on Wizard101 central.

If you need a refresher on my CCG project, click here and here.

And to John, who sent me the question, thanks for asking! :-) I'm with ya. Let's get this thing finished so you guys can play this offline with mom!

Happy Dueling!


Shadowstalker said...

I'd like to do it!

First, I have a question. Are you allowed to use any number of any kind of wizard for your deck?

Connor Shadowstalker
Level: 13
Favorite Spell: Storm Shark
Goal: To beat the game. (I know, I know)
Favorite Saying: Owned, Pawned, and Defeated!

da man said...

Friendly, I don't know if you got my last comment but I have card already made! Check out my blog at witchcraft and wizardry to see it. You can play around with it if you want.

may the secret of the secret shoppers be kept secret

Jessica said...

BTW, do the cards need to be grandmaster? If they don't, I already have cards I made myself. Would those work? I also have a life wizard I could use.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE TO DO IT!

Luke Goldflame
Level 25
Favorite Spell: Kraken

Makenziewaterflower said...

I'll do it :)

Mackenzie Waterflower
Level: 50
Favorite spell:Triton
Goal: To get my level 50 gear.
Favorite saying: Never make a storm girl mad!

john dreamwalker said...
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Anonymous said...

I will do it!
Destiny StormStone
School: Storm
Fav Spell: Tempest
Goal: Get to Mooshu
Favorite Saying: Tidal Wave!!!(followed by tempest)

Anonymous said...
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Through the Spiral Gate said...
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Eric Nighthunter said...
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Geo said...

I have an almost GM Ice wizard, if you still need one...

Name: Wolf Winterstaff
School: Ice
Level: 48
Goal: to Collect all the GM gear!
Favorite Spell: Ice Giant
Saying: Hammer time!

Geo said...
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Ian Silverflame said...

I also have a GM Ice if you are still in the market for one.

You can contact me through Central if you do. :)

Grayson said...
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Alia Lotuspetal said...

I'M LIFE!I'LL DO IT! Pleeease! I have wanted to be one since you said you needed Life
Alia Lotuspetal
level 24
I love Nature's Wrath!
I like saying, "Later!" or "Bye!" then teleporting somewhere else.

Alia Lotuspetal said...
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NarutoNFan said...

Hey Friendly, Lol Its Blaze Again!
I guess I would like to try out for the Card Thing.

Name:Blaze MistShard
School: Ice
Level: Grandmaster 50
Goal:To get all the Statues in the Spiral.
Favorite Spell: Collosus
Saying:Don't try me!

Need any info just ask. Ok Cya!

DaVaughn said...
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DaVaughn said...

NarutoNFan here again aka Blaze. You can find me on Wizard101Central.My Name is MoneyWizardD4 on there.I should be your friend there.

sgwiz said...

I'm up for it here is what you need

Seth Griffin Ward
Favorite Spell:centaur
Goal:get grand items
Favorite Saying : good night.

Anonymous said...

i want to do it.

Name: Wolf Icehunter
Level: 21
Favorite Spell: Evil Snowman
Goal: Finish Every Quest there is.
Favorite Saying: "..."

Anonymous said...

i got an ice wizard

Evan Dragonshield
Favorite Spell:frostbite
Goal:get level 49
Favorite Saying: instant overkill