Thursday, October 22, 2009

Question redux from the Ideas for Earning Crowns thread

Ok, so I just read through all 75 comments on the Ideas for Earning Crowns thread again. whew. It's a little scary on that thread . . . almost youtube-ish!

So, within that madness, there were about five questions that I think I could address in one big shwoop.


Question 1 - "wow i love your logo how you make it you can post that next"

Actually, I already did post on that! Here's the link.

Question 2 - did you know about

I did not know about it until you posted! Welcome to the blogger's club, Allison!

Question 3 - Where do i get the gift cards at?

You can purchase gift cards for Wizard101 at a whole slew of places. Check this link to see the whole list of them.

Oh! And I went and picked up a $20 card today from Walgreens. Yup, the cool grizzleheim pet is out! I can't wait to log on and see what my new little buddy looks like!

Question 4 - hey that a good idal can you show us how to get life trap

Sure! Go to Colossus Blvd by Mindy Pixiecrown and head down the stairs this way. There's a witch in there who is handing out the life trap spell for free to all life students, but death kids like me have to cough up a training point.

p.s. yes, you must hop there . . .

Question 5 - how do i enter the spiral pls answer me!!!!:-)

You enter the spiral by completing all your main quests in Wizard City and then using the door in the middle of Bartleby. I kind of talked about that already here. And I also kind of talked about this before on this post. Check them out! In summary, just do all your quests and you'll be well on your way to working through the spiral.

So, thanks for all the wonderful spam, newcomers to the blog. It's all a good time! Stick around! And as always . . .

Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

I can't believe there are newcomers! Everyone knows this is the best blog in wizard 101! Or, umm..... Maybe not.

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

Hey check out my blog, the Shadowthistle School of Wizardry


Through the Spiral Gate said...

I'm sensing through your words that you are a bit irked by all the repetitive questions :P But then again that could just be me.

stingite said...

@Jessica: hehe. Yeah, there were mostly newcomers visiting here the past two weeks.

@kes: very cool! Will add you later today!

@ms. spiralgate: nah, I'm more than happy to! I probably should have plunked a few happy emoticons in there to clarify the exclamation points. :) ;) /hugs!

Grayson said...

Life Trap requires Level 10+ and 1 Training Point if you're not Life.

Alia Lotuspetal said...

Hey Friendly! Remember Alia Lotuspetal?

Check out my blog when you can!

Taji34 said...

Hey check out the fan site i'm making! it is not an official site yet so don't add it to your list. but please check it out!

stingite said...

I like the site Taji!

Anonymous said...

I have a question to the friendly necromancer but it wont show up on the main screen. Ive been trying to convince my parents to by me crowns but they wont so i figured that the only way is to earn them by sending friend requests so i need help on telling me how to get a lot of crowns from sending friend requests. I also need help sending them. Can u help? my friend code is 88267-15125-14909-58000 thanks