Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ravenwood Radio

OH! Before I forget, I must tell you all about a new podcast coming to the spiral! Apparently sometime tonight there will be a broadcast from Ravenwood Radio.


This was something that has been asked about before on my blog. So, the very first podcast about this game is an exciting thing! I know Diary of a Wizard will be tuning in as well!

I'm hoping one my remixes gets played on the podcast for sure!

Best of luck to Ravenwood Radio on their first broadcast!

Happy Dueling!


Through the Spiral Gate said...


This is like, the second most awesome thing in the world, right after the game itself :P

Taji34 said...

This is awesome!
I can't wait to finish my wiki so it can be a fan site!
check it out!
please help me finish it!

Leala Turkey said...

Woot thanks for the mention! We'll for sure play your rockin remixes. hehe

JediRex said...

How do you listen to it????

stingite said...

aha! Well it looks like they are going to need a a day or so to edit the footage and put it up online, but they did record it last night from what I can tell.

Leala's latest twitter says, "Episode 1 is a wrap! Should be edited and out in the next few days. =)"

stingite said...

oh! and you're welcome Leala! I can't wait to hear it!

Fallon Shadowblade said...
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