Thursday, October 29, 2009

Player Trading Card of the Day--Luke Dragontamer

Slowly but surely we're knocking these cards out!

It's the Luke Dragontamer card! Thanks for participating, Luke! And yes, we do need to meet up in game one of these days. I just wish my life wasn't so dang busy all the time. ;-)

Happy Dueling!


Luke said...

Don't be so angry at your busy life! i have a busy life too. my homework isn't going to do itself you know! thanks for the card! will you be on anytime today? PM me if you are. i am usually on after 3:30pm CST so PM me!

brenda said...

Where's the Tara Mythcrafter card? :(

happylittlepunk said...

I really like the universe background thomas hehe cool.

Taji34 said...

sorry friendly i was the first poster. i hadn't changed my account name from my wizards first name to my account name. i was the first poster! are you free to meet up? PM me when you are.