Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FW: Wizard101 takes the Bronze in list of Top 10 MMOs

Another message here from Professor Greyrose:

The List: Top 10 MMOs Since WoW

World of Warcraft changed the MMO landscape on November 23rd, 2004, but 174 MMOs have come out since that fateful day. ranks them and Wizard101 takes the bronze!

Here's a HUGE Congrats to KI for making a truly great game!

Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

Stingite, someone wants you to go to a party. I copyed this right off of Alia's blog. :P

Has anyone seen that there will be a Halloween party? On the Wizard 101 site message boards, someone's decided to throw one!

Go to Nightside on October 30th, Pixie realm, Area one, at 4pm central time! He's also requested the Friendly Necromancer to come, so you can tell him, too!

stingite said...

OH! A party? ok, i'll have to try and make that.

happylittlepunk said...

so cool that wizard 101 made it to 3rd place and is the highest ranking kids game and I totally agree with it thanks to all those wizard 101 commercials coming out in nickoldian and cartoonetwork.