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Sunday, October 11, 2009

TFN blasts past 200,000 hits

. . . and the reason why? Well, the last 20,000 hits or so were due to an idea to put stickers on candy with your friend code. Crazy! When the company picks a post and puts it in the patcher message and on facebook, your hits a day increase from 1,000 a day (which I'd say is pretty darn healthy by itself given the genre and scope of my blog *THANKS FAITHFUL READERS*), to 10,000 a day. (it was a *whoa*)

It looks like we're headed back down to normal here now though. :-) We peaked on Friday (if that piques your interest).

Anyway, thanks for the link, KI, and welcome to all the new traffic in the Wizard101 blogosphere! Be sure to click through a few of those links to other bloggers on the right hand side . . . you may find you like hanging out and blogging with all of us.

I'm definitely excited about this, and I hope the next 100,000 hits brings some new contests, some fun, and some more interesting reading for all the Wizard101 fans who keep tuning in!

Happy Dueling!


Elijah Stormheart said...

Wow, nice! Now a lot of wizards will know about you, lol.

Jessica said...

WOWZA! That's a lot of veiwers! You'll rise up to 1,000,000 soon!

Edward_Icespear said...

Well in the words of DANA CARVEY...
(AKA. Church Lady)
"Well Now, Isn't That Special?"

LOL! So I always wanted to say that.

sgwiz said...

Dude i barely have 10 hits . i mean 200,000 is a lot . it will be 200,000 years before i have that many

Idle Hands said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome, just like you!

Matthew said...

shoot you almost caught up to the wiki there we're at 250,000 hits total

stingite said...

Thanks again all for your support!

@Matthew: I'm surprised more people don't know about the good work of wikia. honestly. I was playing today and heard people talking about needing to write down where they got their equipment from. LOL. JUST USE WIKIA PEOPLE!!

The Overachieving Necromancer said...

Congrats Friendly, I love to read your blog, Like I said on my blog, You inspired me. And nice job nearly catching the wiki, I go on it alot, but it freezes every now and then. Thanks for making this awesome blog.

In case you were wondering, my Necromancers name is Brian TitanSword