Monday, December 1, 2008

Two-boxin' Like a Pro, Yo

Today was my first day really hardcore two-boxing on Wizard 101. What I’m trying to do here is get Kyle Skystaff up to Amber Deathsong’s level. Check it out:

There it is, the laptop next to the main computer . . . man, I need to clean off my desk.

I’ve never really two-boxed any game I’ve ever played. It was always a dream of mine to two-box when I was playing Everquest. I use to play a cleric in Everquest back in the day, and let me tell you, it use to not be an easy class to solo . . . almost impossible. When the Beastlord came out, I was all over that scene. They were excellent at soloing and had great versatility. They didn’t bring much to raiding and grouping outside of DPS and a buff spell. (I’ll stop digressing into games made 10 years ago . . . )

I liked my experience two-boxing this morning. I liked that I could easily port between one character and the other character to move around quickly. Talk about slick and easy. We'll call Thomas "slick" and Kyle "easy" since I had chose to two-box Thomas and Kyle together. Let me tell ya', things died quickly; almost as quickly as my paragraph on Everquest I just wrote above. (I'm a bit groggy still from my roadtrip to Colorado last week. haha! I don't even know if i'm making sense to you at all. C'est la vie.) The end result of this morning was Kyle did indeed crack into Krokotopia. Yay!

It must have looked a little strange to have my necromancer hanging out on Triton Avenue because I had a guy ask me if I was “farming” with Thomas. Haha. Farming. I hadn’t even considered that in this game. I guess you could farm rare pets, but I don’t think the gold comes any more quickly off of rank 2 banshees than it does off of rank 7 ninja pigs. Maybe I’m wrong. /shrug I guess stuff does die in one or two rounds on Triton Avenue.

Happy Dueling!

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