Friday, December 12, 2008

a small hint

So I was digging through my e-mails from December 10th and opened up the community newsletter for Wizard 101. I hadn't read all the way through it as I assumed it was just an announcement of the Wizard 101 store. If by some weird chance you haven't been to check it out yet: click here!

at the very bottom of the message was this little paragraph I had completely skipped over:

Coming Soon!
Wizard101 will be launching Player vs. Player duels in the Arena in Unicorn Way and in the other worlds of the Spiral very soon! And the highly anticipated, new world, DragonSpyre, is launching in early 2009!

Ok, so what this is telling me is 1 vs. 1 battles not only on Unicorn Way, but throughout the spiral. So I'm imagining an arena in every world . . . a Krokotopia arena, a Marleybone arena, a Moo Shu arena, and a DragonSpyre arena. I'm also reading early 2009 to mean the first quarter of 2009. So by the end of March at the latest for Dragonspyre. We can only hope for sooner!

Keep giving up sneak peaks, Kingsisle! We love it!

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