Thursday, December 11, 2008


Sure, you've dueled your way through countless ghosts, pixies, skeletal pirates, cyclops, minotaur, fire elves, banshees, ghouls, scarecrows, manders, krokotillians, and golems of every type, BUT CAN YOU FACE THE FURY OF THE FROZEN FORGE!

oh, you just press X. ok.

You know if this was one of those other MMO's, that right about now you'd be cursing up a storm because you'd have to spend all your gold buying tidbits like crafting tools and soldering supplies, and then you'd have to sweat for hours building your crafting skills until you finally had the gusto to forge a krokotillian army's weaponry. here? oh, you just press X. ok. yay!

The general was pleased.

Now it's on to one of the most fun areas of Krokotopia for my kids. The grand arena! I should make another fraps video like I did for Thomas Lionblood when he entered this area. Only this time I won't cast a bajillion cyclops spells. LOL. here's a repost of that video in case you missed it last time . . . man, this video is a little blurry . . . oh well . . . the music rocks.

It's all about the battle.

Happy Dueling!

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