Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Golden Fang

First, a bit of background:

*scene begins*
*cue 70's spy music*
*the scene cuts to inside the krokosphinx*

Boss: hey, hey, I think we made it
Lefty: yeah, yeah, right
Boss: yeah, the coast is clear
Lefty: yeah
Boss: yeah, we made it
Lefty: yeah, yeah, right
Boss: We got the golden Fang
*Lefty shows the fang*
lefty: yeah, yeah, right
Boss: Look at it, ain't it Beautiful
Lefty: Beeeutiful, yeah, right
Boss: yeah, apparently it wields great power to any krok who holds it.
Lefty: Power, yeah, right
Boss: But it's ours now
Lefty: yeah, right, yeah
Boss: So here's the harangue . . you take the golden fang, which could be used to enslave the whole krok chain gang, and you take it into the krokotopia Pyongyang (aka the tomb of storms in slang), you'll have to bang the obelisks with the scarabs for which they pang, so they know you rang. You get what I just sang?
Lefty: uh, lay it on me once more, just a few parts, uh, I, uh,

Ok, so I think I'm on the right track with this story now.

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