Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Remixin' for fun

Well, I'm currently coordinating for a surprise Q/A interview that I hope to have loaded on my blog in the near future.

(begin hint) It has to do with the music of Wizard 101. (end of hint)

In celebration I've begun making a laid back Wizard 101 remix. word.

So Happy Holidays everyone!

Here's a track to keep you grooving to the Wizard 101 vibe.

click here for mp3

Happy Dueling and Merry Christmas!


brenda said...

OMG this is FANTASTIC!!!!!

/em adds remix to permanent playlist!

TheShamblingCorporatePresence said...

At first when I saw you said "Beatboxer" on your About me, I'm like... "Yeah...... right."

Now I drop my jaw in AMAZEMENT!

stingite said...

@brenda: Awesome. I hope to extend it in the future!

@the presence: Oo. yeah. Um. I do beatbox (seriously!), but I can't take the credit for that particular sample in the song, which I lifted from Mr. Amazing himself, Beardyman. Sorry to disappoint. Once I get a good microphone, I'll start sampling off my beatbox more often.

I disguise my horrible beatboxing skills by double timing it LOL (here's a couple videos from a year and a half ago when I was really getting into it):
beatbox 1
beatbox 2

LOL I have 14 more of those "Saturday Morning Crazy Stuff Shows" if you're really interested. (hahaha!)

Thanks for posting!