Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Digmoore Station

Digmoore Station. The smell of the air is like steam and oil churning in your nostrils. From the first time you enter its gates there is a sense of excitement, of movement, of reunions, and of exits. Airports often feel to me like how it must feel the moment you either die or are born: transition.

Why is it that all airports promote the city they reside in? Taxes! That’s why! The fine labor of the people that reside there sweats from every brick. And so the passing stop at digmoore station is complete with misery, joy, and pride in the works of the Marleybonians. The royal tapestry hangs from their wall to show the heritage of their kings and the desires of all their hearts: the golden bone beneath them all, terrier and daushund alike. It speaks of value, desire, and savings plans. It truly makes sense that Marleybonians are excavators, museum curators, and a bit stuffy.

Tracey Castleton at the ticket booth resonates with the fashion sense of the modern Marleybonian. The modesty of the canine-sapien is in full swing in Marleybone. Long dresses that barely skip from the ground. They excel in expensive formal wear that denotes station and hopes to accelerate the experience of the eye rather than give truth to the nose (a dog is a dog after all).

At the back of the station we see the local advertising space. Hairdini the great magician of Marleybone. It is not in their nature for Marleybonians to be wizards, but the imitation of one is big money.

The other advertisement is for the latest dramatic play “A tale of two Bostons.” Assuredly a fine reenactment of the classic by Charles Barkins. A tale where Lucie Dogette finds herself in the midst of turmoil, revolution, and awakening in Marleybone and . . . hmmmm, I guess if Marleybone is to England, then what other city is to France? . . . Dragonspyre I suppose. Yes, A tale where Lucie Dogette finds herself in the midst of turmoil, revolution, and awakening in Marleybone and Dragonspyre and as equally thrust into the turmoil, revolution, and awakening of love between her suitors. Tragic and beautiful. Although the poster kind of makes it look like a dance hall number. /shrug

Through all the pomp and transition, however, there is one pathway in Digmoore Station that an adventurer might miss: Air Dales Hideaway behind the Mayor. If all you look for are the figures who will send you on your adventure, you may miss an important discovery that could help you on your travels. It isn’t the strong drink of the bar you are after, it is the humble and somewhat dark trainer who yokels there.

And of course, you can’t have an airport without airplanes and destinations. Their engineered perfection and glorious statement of advanced civilization.

And it all leads to one goal for Amber Deathsong: Flexing for Mr. Personality. His hands never leaving 3 and 9.

Happy dueling!


Bpaul said...

You should write game content, seriously.

stingite said...

Oh! You mean that stuff that nobody reads? LOL!

It'd be a cool gig actually, and thanks B! You rock.