Friday, December 19, 2008

Postcards from the Test Server

Ok, I don't have a lot of time, so I will come back later and correct spelling and other atrocities when I get back from work. They say a picture says a thousand words, well here are a few thousand words from my morning adventures on the test server. Consider them postcards to you all. :-)

First, go to the wizard 101 website and download the test server and install it. Nothing you do on the test server will reflect on your real game.

Next thing to do, visit the spiral door and get your worlds to start loading. Then run back to the minigame area of whatever land you're in and go play the new Dueling Diego game . . . you need to beat my number 2 ranking. LOL. Found a bug though . . . after you play the game, the music from the minigame keeps playing in the main world. I guess that's really the point of a test server though, eh? Find those bugs!

. . . One of the benefits of being one of the first in the test server I suppose.

Next, run to the dueling arena on Unicorn way. You'll find a couple guys there. The left is for "ranked" battles, and the right is for "practice" battles. Go in and make a game or join one. There weren't many options when I went in this morning, but I did find a nice guy who dueled me (and schooled me).

To give you a leg up, I'll let you in on the secret that soon became apparent to us both (you may need to click that picture to enlarge it):

On a personal necromantic note, sacrifice just became a whole lot less effective in the arenas unless you have a death shield up. tsk tsk. Since it is the test server, maybe they'll fix it. Doing 375 damage to gain 700 back is not nearly as effective as doing 200 and getting 700 back. Might as well cast a pixie and save your death shields for empower.

Alex there unleashed a ninja pig for 1,800 points of damage on me and won the game, but I had him down to a thread of life at the end . . . darn ninja pigs.

My prediction is that you shall soon see a flood of youtube videos of battles from these arenas. People are going to absolutely love this. Thanks for the sneak peek, Kingsisle!

Happy Dueling!


brenda said...

look -- thanks! Downloading the test server version now to give it a shot...

stingite said...

I tried to get on once last night and the server seemed to be down. Did you get a chance to try it out, Bren?