Monday, December 22, 2008

Marleybone at Long Last!

Wouldn't you know it, my kid's characters have finally wrapped up Krokotopia. They found that krok wearing pink lipstick and soundly defeated her.

It's amazing how easy this game can be when it is duo'd instead of solo'd, you know? . . . especially when you're duoing with a life mage like Amber. She's awesome. Her brother Kyle agrees.

Sergeant Major Talbot deemed the Amber and Kyle team worthy of proceeding into Marleybone and handed over the key.

Thrilling. He seemed a bit tipsy when he handed over that key . . . I quote, "I ruff you guys. *hic*." Maybe it's best if we do the driving. You adults should remember to be as responsible as Sergeant Major Talbot during the holidays.

And, yes, of course I've been helping my kids out where I can (a lot of help, believe me . . . sometimes I think they'd just play tag if I didn't focus them on task and play their characters wee in the morning hours) and, yup, their quest logs are full of side quests. Oh well. Kids. Whatchagonnado.

Amber decided to spend a few of her crowns and bought this fantastic robe to celebrate. It's awesome. I'm once again jealous. I might just have to go buy me one as well for group pvp. LOL.


it hit me--

like a ton of bricks.

You know what this means?

Do you?

I don't think you do.

Do you?

Oh man this is hard to do to you all.

More face time with Mr. Personality.

Somebody save me.

Happy Dueling!


brenda said...

I love Mr. Personality! I might even head back down to Marleybone just to get more face time with the Stoic Steersman himself!

stingite said...

Brenda, you truly have a taste for suffering. And I love you for it . . . I think it's the reason you keep coming back to read my blog. ;-)