Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Family Fuedin'

Like all faithful wizard 101 adventurers, Amber and Kyle have stumbled upon a mysitical place known as the Temple of Ozarks, er, Storms, in Krokotopia.

You see you have these two families of Krokotopian ghosts, each holding a piece of a key that you need to get to that pesky Queen Krokopatra, and these guys have grudges that go wayyyyy back. Kind of like the good ol' Hatfield-McCoy fueding.

Your wizard ends up playing a little bit like bugs bunny in the following cartoon, well, minus the cross-dressing.

Wish us luck with the peaceful negotiations.

Happy Dueling!

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Anonymous said...

0 comments again!!! how can people be so cruel!!! (the point of these comments is to annoy you to the point where you will post more often since my begging on your other posts dont seem to work)