Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spell of the Week -- Blue Phoenix

Oh yeah! This one is a rare and newer sight!


The coolest thing about this spell (only available as a treasure card in the Raven's Hoard Pack) is the pip-to-damage ratio for Ice Wizards. That's a lot of punch for four pips, much nicer than Ice Wyvern. Make it a five-pip trainable card, and I know you'd see this cast all the time in place of frostbite (which personally I think should be lowered in cost and damage alike for a good shield remover spell). I bet Ice Wizzies would LOVE to be able to train this card. I know Myrna Lionblood, my ice caster, would at least!

The second coolest thing about this spell is the look! Not only is it a really rare sight, it just looks beautiful. It's almost a shame the chat boxes like to cover it when you cast it. Regardless of that, my dutiful readers were able to scrounge up ten of these cards from either their Raven's Hoard addictions or from sniping in the Bazaar. :) Check out what they sent me!

Alexander Dragontamer:

Rachel Windtalon:


Elizabeth Goldenthistle:

Courtney Silverflame:


Terri Nightshield:

Allison Deathwielder:

Jason Thundershield:

Sophia Emeraldblossom:

Awesome screenshots, friends! You outdid yourselves finding those cards. :) I know you like the challenge.

Happy dueling!


Sophia EmeraldBlossom said...

I was wondering why you didn't post my screenshot. I sent it in to the email you specified with the subject line "Blue Phoenix Spell Screenshot" before the deadline. Did it somehow slip through?

Sophia EmeraldBlossom
Level 51 Theurgist

Stingite said...

Oops! Yup. I went back and reviewed my email and I accidentally skipped over you. I'll get that fixed now.

Gorman Ravenhunter/DarksteelUlamog said...

Yay, my name was spelled (get it? :) ) correctly! Also, thank you for the code!

jesse2253 said...

Cant you also buy the treasure card in the Bazaar?

flash333 said...

Jesse, you can buy the treasure card in the bazaar.