Thursday, March 15, 2012


1337 - check the view count in that screenshot! Timing is everything! LOL.

So, yeah, it's just kind of what I do when I'm hanging out with my buddies in Wysteria. I flip the menu chat open and I drop the "Let's meet in Zafaria" bomb . . . shortly followed by "have you seen any acorns?"

Wait, what? OH, I'm just talking about how KingsIsle's follow on commercial was released (remember me talking about it and the first commercial?), and that new commercial should now be making its way across flat screens hooked up to 1337 channels like the Game Show Network and TVLand.

Here it is:

OH WAIT, wrong video! Here we go:



Happy dueling


Yadin Bromberg said...

Wow Tom! Gratz! Once again, we need to talk about this XD I really loved the LED lights orchestra thing. Very epic :D

-Blaze Shadowhorn (oops wrong account :P)

The Strong Sorcerer said...

That light show thing just blew my mind.

jesse2253 said...

wht does "Let's meet in Zafaria" bomb . . . shortly followed by "have you seen any acorns?" mean...?

Stingite said...

@jesse: Yeah, it's just funny because they have a picture of some wizards in Wysteria behind me as I'm talking and one of them uses a chat menu to say, "Let's meet in Zafaria."

As for "Have you seen any acorns" . . . it's an inside joke that originated with this:

Rachel Windtalon said...

Are you really the "Gaming Dad" in that commercial???