Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Puzzle Piece Party!

YAY! Let's have a puzzle piece party!


There you go Wizard101 fans. Enjoy the heck out of my completely boring puzzle piece. LOL. Sure, Petnome gives you a cool face of some ogre looking dude, but what do I give you? Some shrubbery . . . AND A PUZZLE PIECE PARTY!

Just like last time, make sure you get the rest of your pieces at these other AMAZING Wizard101 fansites! (They all rock. I'd invite them all to the puzzle piece party.)

Wizard101 Central
Wizard101 Wiki
Ravenwood Radio
Petnome Project
Mythspent Youth
Legends of the Spiral
That Pyromancer
Ditto Wizard
Diary of a Wizard
Paige's Page
Valerians School
West Karana

Happy Dueling!


Ok ok . . . I've made you suffer long enough. Here's the puzzle piece with a white background.


Brandi said...

can you post it with a white background please

Stingite said...

No wai!! LOL! That's part of the challenge! ;)

Brandi said...

Thank you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey whats the best way to put the pieces together other than printing.

Stingite said...

I think most people are using Gimp to stitch it together: