Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Packs, New Spells.... All Awesomeness

Awesome news coming from Kingsisle today. Looks like a new pack is hitting the spiral called the Ninja Lore pack.

On initial look this pack could be a game changer since you have a chance to learn a new "reward" spell.
Here is the info on the new spells:
• These are reward spells, they do not cost you a training point.

• They will go into your spellbook just as if you’d learned the spell from a trainer.

• They do not disappear when you sell your spells back for Training Points at Mr Lincoln

• They will obey the rules of a normal spell, meaning you can blade, trap, enchant etc.

• They will obey the rules of pips and powerpips. If you are a Myth Wizard and receive a Myth spell it will use your pips and powerpips accordingly.

• If you are a Balance Wizard and receive a Myth spell, it will use your pips & powerpips accordingly. If you are wearing a Myth Mastery Amulet, it will use your pips & power pips accordingly.

• You cannot delete or sell these spells.

• Once you have received a spell, it will not appear as a reward option again.

Also there is a chance to win a new Shenlong Dragon Pet that's the star of the pack!

Hooray for mini-Wyverns!!!!

Happy Dueling


Anonymous said...

so I thought what the heck .I'll give in and get a few packs. 1,2,3..third time *BOOM* got the mini dragon pet ! woot !. Considering every other pack that I have bought many many many times and got squat , FINALLY now have something Ultra Rare. Maybe I should try my luck getting the skeletal dragon mount ? again ? and again ? and....
~Marcus Deathwalker

Anonymous said...

When you first use it, does it disappear like a treasure card would?

Anonymous said...

to ano
subject ninja lore spells

the ninja lore learn spells
note there are tc ones in it so dont be fooled
will stay with the wizard ya bought them on forever as if ya learned the spell normally

Anonymous said...

Oh joy. Another pack instead of some actual content. I've had enough of this. Goodbye Wizard101. You had something good going, but you've lost it.

Thank you for all your wonderful blogging, Friendly. I'm sad to leave, but this just isn't the great game it used to be anymore.