Saturday, March 10, 2012

Check This Out (Episode 11)

Heya! Well, a lot of cool stuff has been going on, and I wanted to share some of that shtuffz out with you all! (And, really, it's just time for some serious housecleaning in my email inbox.) Therefore and thusly, it is time for anotherrrrrrr. . . CHECK THIS OUT!


First up are a couple of crazy awesome interviews that other bloggers have done with me! Said what?!?! yup, someone actually thinks I'd make for an interesting interview. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahahahahaaaa!

Well, I appreciate these two thinking of me. Seriously. That's awesome.

1- The Life of a Wizard
2- Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem.

And if you're into hearing more, there's always Spiral Live episode 15 that you can check out. :)


Speaking of Spiral Live, Blaze Shadowhorn drew a couple pictures of ze Friendly Necromancerz!

Awesome! Classic Friendly Look! I have a mannaquin in my death house that still has that look going on. He's standing there saying, welcome, everyone, to the ultimate death dance party central. ;)


Seriously, I love this dancer . . . so cool he has a sponsor now. I want a sponsor!

There's gotta be some nerdy company out there that would want my nerd all over their product. ;p (*points* I'm pointing at you cheddar cheese factories! You know you want some Friendly Necromancer cheese!)


There's a new person on Twitter professing ULTIMATE FAN STATUS of The Friendly Necromancer. Behold Kevin Lionblood!

He sent me over a couple of cool creative things. the first one is a poem he made for me:

I've also written you a short poem if you don't mind:
The ghouls and spirits start dancing,
The Death wizards start necromancing,
Even the Black Cat stops chasing the mouse,
Cause Friendly Necro is in the house!

*clicks fingers*


Next Kev had a parody he did to the tune of Party Rock Anthem:

Friend Necro's in the house tonight,
You better get rid of all the lights,
And Katzenstein's gonna blow your mind,
We just wanna hear you.. SCREAMING!
Every day I necromance.. \(•.•)/

HAHA! I'm filing that under creepy awesome.


I got another message from Rylee Icehaven, who is a cool wizard playing through the game Angus Unicornpants style. SCHECK it out!
greetings again!
well i made it thru shirataki temple, now on to the ancient burial grounds!

it has taken me a while to get so far because i made a side trip to grizzleheim. kinda got stuck on scarl doomhowler so then i made another side trip to wysteria and got stuck on chester droors. but at least while i was in wysteria i got some spiffy new pigswick academy clothes (love the argyle socks!) and a cute golden piggle for a companion.

so now it's back to mooshu. plus i am up to lvl 38, almost to lvl 39.
oh and remember the crowns you so generously donated? i got some kirin packs and i now have a golden kirin to ride around on!

so things are going along. i still have my eyes set on the prize of dragonspyre but it will take forever to get that far.

see ya around the spiral!! i try to stay in unicorn realm just in case i might happen to see you in the bazaar someday. :)

best wishes to you and to angus!

rylee icehaven

That's awesome Rylee! You're catching up to me quick!

So cool to see people take on the Angus challenge. Speaking of that, I have to give mad props to Sierra Starsong who is not only doing the Angus challenge, she's also using the same character for pvp matches.


Here's an email from Alura Dreamhunter about her site:

Hi Friendly,

I'm Alura Dreamhunter and have a group that helps wizards called The Well-Versed Wizards

I recently went to Wizard101. I wanted to start a fan site and it said to let you know about my site

We started the group on facebook and we post a lot there But i wanted to get the word out about our group

Hope that you can help us out by listing our blog and any tips and tricks you may have about blogging

I'm new to it.

Thank You , Have a Great Day and Happy Questing


Question here from Cole Moontamer:
Hey Friendly,
I play, or at least I used to play Wizard101. About the time of Celestia coming out, I experienced some suspected hacking on my account (actually my brother) and a computer switch (to a Mac laptop) which really got me out of the game. Now, I'm interested again, at least in getting a Windows. So, what would you say to convince me to play the game again?
Cole Moontamer (or the person that used to be him)

I'm not sure if I could say anything to bring you back to the game. That's totally up to you. I can tell you that you've missed 20 levels of content and haven't had a chance to experience any of the new Astral Magic spells. What you're missing out on is the first two parts of the new Morganthe story, Wintertusk, and a fun side world called Wysteria for your lower level characters. What you'll never be able to recreate is the experience of being in Celestia and Zafaria when they were alive and bustling with activity where every battle circle in every realm was full. :) Those were good times.

If you do head back into the game, let me know what you think of all that new content!



Got a quick note from Rachel Spiritwalker:

please mention my new fan site! it would mean a lot! :)

There you go! :)


This one comes from Kaito:
Hey Friendly! I'm Kaito from the Wizard101 Commons staff at and we would like you to join our sites, be a part of the staff and hold some really fun contests for March Madness month! Many of our members LOVE The Friendly Necromancer and a lot of other Wizard101 bloggers and we would like to surprise them with you joining our site! Our site has a chatbox where you can chat with your fans and our members about your blog. You will also get to hold fun contests and more! If you are thinking about doing this, join and reply back to this email with your Commons account and we will give you an official rank and tell you more about this!

Thanks a lot Friendly!!

Thanks for the invite! I'm so busy lately that I don't think I could swing a staff position, but I will definitely check out your site. :)


Here's one from Emmett G. aka Kane Deathwalker:

Hello Friendly,
I am writing you today in hopes I can get my fansite " Beyond the Spiral" listed among your page. I have been playing Wizard101 ever sence they openned their doors in 2008 and I love every minute of it. Now a days I just help people on the facebook page with questions as well as in the game itself while I decorate, search and hatch pets as well as farm and harvest along with other things, but mostly I just enjoy helping others out in their quest to defend Wizard City against Malistaire, Morganthe and whomever else that decides to corrupt the spiral.
Please take a look at the site and tell me what your thoughts are, suggestions or anything else that may be helpful.

~ Beyond The Spiral ~

Thank you for your time in advance and will be looking foward from hearing from you in the future.

Glad I could get your site listed over in my links, Kane!


This one comes from Brian Frostcloud:
"Helloo! I am a real fan of your website and I wanted some tips on how to look good and still have good stats. Here is a pic of my character now.

He looks good eh? Anyways do you have any tips? (BTW level 36 or 37) Thanks!

-Brian Frostcloud.

PS: Could we meet someday?"

Sorry I haven't posted about this, Brian! Looks great! I bet your character is completely different looking now. (Seriously, it's been a month or so.)

Yup, the best place to catch me is at the Ravenwood Radio after parties, so be sure to tune in to that podcast! Those after parties are a good time.



And that's probably enough for now. hehe. Thanks everyone for all the awesome energy. Keep up the good work, and have fun with what you're doing.

Happy Dueling!


Ryan LifeGarden said...

I agree! It is impossible to recreate the times when Zafaria was bustling with wizards. *sigh* Those were the days…

Ronan Ravenshard said...

Seems like I lost my Ultimate Fan status, eh? Haha, well, I'm not really that active in Wizard101 anymore, but don't you dare think that I still don't read your blog! :-)

Dustin Duskwhisper said...

I think i'm the Ultimate Fan of the great Friendly Nercomancer. It's only because I made a Death wizard in honor of him. For the record he inspired me to make one in the first place and now i'm hooked to that school. Btw he's a lvl 70 and with all legend gear.