Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Resist Math Gone Wanky?

I'm confused. Here we have my latest two Frankesteinish Aqua Dragon pet creations:

As you see here. One is getting 9% universal resist and 9% death resist. The other has better numbers so it's eeking out 10% resists, right? (Don't mind me, I'm a little obsessed with building a death resist pet so I can solo the Tower of the Helephant.) The wanky part comes when I'm looking at the percentages all added up.

Prince Toby's numbers:

And, Madame Ruby's numbers:

Both are 96? I'm not a math major, but something is off there. :) Maybe it's a rounding error? */shrug* Anyone heard anything about this?

Come here, Glitchy! I love you Glitchy! Ohhhh, that's a good Glitchy!

Happy dueling!


Katherine Light said...

That is weird! It looks like it should be 95% and 97% respectively... all that work to go resist maxed out and it doesn't even matter!

I'm curious, are you trying to get Defy on your pet as well?

Sierra Starsong said...

For all the stat-based +x% bonuses from pets it seems to keep track of more decimal places than it shows, so yes there probably are some rounding errors.

On the good side, bonuses from different talents stack - so +10% universal resist and +10% death resist is a total +20% resist vs Death and +10% vs everything else.

That's true even if they're the same resistance, as long as they're separate talents - that's why SpellDefy and SpellProof (both universal resists) will stack together for a combined total resist, rather than overlapping and just giving the higher bonus of the two.

Stingite said...

@Katherine & Sierra: YO! Yeah, I realize that I could mix defy and proof to bump that to 100%. I actually think 96% will be plenty. Just kind of weird how the math is working there, right?

Alexander Nightwraith said...

I have been trying to do the same thing since you first posted it. I wish I had something to do with all the epic/ancient pets that just not have the right talents. I tried over the weekend with a total of 94% resist, just was not enough........

The Brave Pyromancer said...

Hey if you do get to 100% let me know what happens when you get hit with a death spell.

Jose Seashield said...

Hi Friendly,

I've seen this happen plenty of times. It's definitely a rounding error, but lucky you it's working in your favor. Usually, it's the opposite for me where my pet will say 10% Proof, 5% Defy but when I look at my character stats I get 9% Proof and 5 or 4% Defy added to my resist. I'd take it and run, lol. Good luck!

Just another opinion said...

Hi :) if you do get to 100% resist, if you get hit with a spell of that school, then it comes up as immune ;) me and my monster friends do it all the time hehehe nothing new ;)

Anonymous said...

You may know this already, but if you manage to achieve over 100 resist on one school then you are "Immune" to that school's attacks. Yes, the only thing that will stop you is the default setting of the game to boot people off from the game because they can't stop ogling at the screen while saying, "Dude, he's not dying! Cool!"

Mark StormRider