Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wintertusk is LIVE!

Go start up those patchers my friends, Wintertusk is LIVE! It even says so in the patcher that I'm patching with much patchitude.

WOOT! Can't wait.

Kevin Battleblood has his Wintertusk Checklist all neatly lined up. Do I? Heck ya I do!

Step 1: Play through Wintertusk.
Step 2: Write about it.


Actually the game gave me four things to do as soon as I logged on:
1- See Baulder Goldenpaws (who tells me to go talk to Erik Wyrdrune for a new spell, yo).
2- Talk to Merle (who tells me alllll about the Ravens and their new tricks and tells me to go chat with my old buddy Bjorn Ironclaws).
3- Sohomer Sunblade asks me to go visit him at the Storm Mill on Triton Avenue for a bit of Waterworks fun (Looks like Good ol' Blad Raveneye also wants me to go check out Crab Alley for him).
4- Get my new level 58 pet, which is waiting for me, but Mr. Lincoln is telling me I need to head to Wintertusk first and then see my professor . . . or some such nonsense.

Woot! So much to do! I can't wait to go through Wintertusk with Bailey. :)

See you in the Spiral,

Happy Dueling


Cole Moontamer said...

*SIGH* have a good time, all. My account has been hacked

Anonymous said...

Your Wintertusk Day 1 post got deleted? O;

Anonymous said...

Every one says its come out in america but not europe unfortunaly for me at this point i live un europe :( .... so does anyone know when wintertusk is coming out in europe i cant wait