Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wintertusk Day 4 (Plus Level 58 pets!)

When we left off on Day 3, there was a small matter of gathering a pick and a shovel from Harek the Lean and Ormund the Surly, a couple of Rank 9 bosses.

All of that effort was apparently for crashing through an ice wall between you and Thyra Brightspell.

Thyra Brightspell you say? She's totally the Tyra Banks of Wizard101.

No? Ok, maybe that's a stretch even for my standards.

Thyra sic'ed us on the less popular raven models and had us gather some hemlock.

What'd this buy us? Oh, we totally got to put on a fashion show for Thyra and her friends.

*Work! Work it Ravens! Do your thing, on the RUNWAY! Work!*

Sorry about that, I can't help myself.

Anyway, this lead to a red carpet occasion with Sudri of Sudriland, who immediately started demanding golden apples from us. We were all "you're a jerk!" and he was all, I know, but my words have weight, go weigh them in this jug. We're all WHAT? He's all WHAT? They're all WHAT? . . . and then somehow he just gives us his Golden Seal to get us to go away. That's cool, whatev's Sudri! OUT!

At the end of our game play we were sucked into solving a couple riddles for Stengar Wordwise, but immediately lost interest in that when we realized we were far enough along to do our Level 58 pet quests, WOOTS!

Bailey had an epic battle with Iceclaw, a nasty Rank 10 Draconian Fire wizard.

As you can see, Bailey had her strat down with the prisms, and before you knew it, she had her Phoenix.

Gratz Bailey!

Me? Oh yeah, I fell asleep . . . *grin* But I woke up this morning and finished up my quest, and now I'm the proud owner of a baby harvest lord egg. I captured the last few minutes on X-fire.

A prism'd wraith and a fire elemental polymorph with a fully charged heckhound and some minion support did the trick for me. :)

See you in Day 5!

Happy Dueling!


M.W.S said...

Norse Mythology - Golden Apples: Immortality

Grats for the uber wife and yourself for receiving your lvl 58 pets.

Ashley Spiritweaver said...

Did you see the new wizard101 login screen? :D its awesome!

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

That makes more sence Malorn XD And Congrats Friendly on yours and Baily's new pets XD I acan't wait to get my Ice Wayvrn and get my spells!!! XD

Finnigan Wyrmdust said...

Yesterday, i was on hatchery, and make a phoenix plus a forest lord, today, i see i get inferno beast, and i have forest lord spell!!!
Congrats for your level 58 pets :D

Richard Shadowstaff said...

Woo! Go Friendly! You rock, man! Oh, and could you check out my blog, Diary Of A Necromancer? Thanks! -Richard Shadowstaff

Royalwizard said...

cool i just got my judgement pet!

Evan Shadow said...

Awesome! Have they hatched? Have you hatched them? And, where's Day 5?
P.S. i got my Ice Wyvern on Test, but not Live (in Vestrilund)!

The Strong Sorcerer said...

Friendly! Today I was on live realm and I picked up a stone block, and guess what I found. A samdstone! Kings Isle used your idea after all!

Destiny Dragonrider said...

Nice lvl 58 pets, Friendly. Wintertusk is defintely a good addition to the game on the part of Wizard101. The experience is very generous there as well.

Anonymous said...

FRIENDLY YOUR GOING TO GET A SHADOW PHOENIX!!! :D!! here's a hint:hatch your pet with baily's ( i kinda told you the hole thing here XD )