Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wintertusk Day 3 (and puppymancer!)

Before I start into Day 3 of Wintertusk, let me start with two things:

1- My new Beckett's mag came in the mail. WOOT! This is the one with my "summation of Grizzleheim/get ready for Wintertusk" article. Hope you all like that. The special in-game item this time around is the Grizzleheim Drinking Horn housing decoration. That'll go perfectly in your Grizzleheim kitchen in your Grizzleheim house! :)

2- We got a new puppymancer!

Oh he's super cute . . . his cuteness is beyond the cute of a cute cuteness. Look at that guy with his humongofrog chew toy! THE SUPA CUTES!


SO, Wintertusk Day 3. Yes, there was a day of inactivity between Day 2 and Day 3, but last night nanamancer took the kids to see Rio, and we stayed home with the new puppymancer and the diapermancer and the computermancer and the laptopmancer.

Although my play time was a bit distracted, we managed to work our way through the main storyline of Vestrilund. I kept getting distracted by puppymancer and then by the end of our play I became extremely sleepy. Have you ever been only half-awake while playing Wizard101? That was me last night.


It all began with a fight with a Yeti.

Holy snap it's a yeti! I shall call mythbusters! Yetis are real, my best friends are unicorns, and you are a wizard!

Yeti man was no match for the powa team of Bailey and Thomas. Rawr! Afterwards, we galloped back to Grandmother Raven to let her know we got the golden seal of approval from Vestri, which happened to actually be a golden "seal." Go figure. I hope we get a golden seal housing item. That would rock!

Grandmother Raven was psyched to see us and told us to go visit Henrek, a bumpkin of a bear who just needs to help out his clan. That basically means doing chores and defeating a few ruffians out in the fields.

Eventually we got the key to go visit Vestri, and he was all for giving us the golden seal . . . but his evil coven friend wasn't!!

No biggie. As you can see, we took care of Stryker Scofflaw! NO MORE SHALL YOU SCOFF AT THE LAW SCOFFLAW!

After doing a series of quests from Freyda Warsong (a female bear -- the female bears in Wintertusk are awesome btw) to get the key to Sundriland, BOOM, we were all up in Sundriland's business, crashin' their party, and farming their lootz.

AND after bringing new depths of humility to Sudri's right hand crow there in Sundriland, we called it a night. I was beat from real-life and half asleep in the computer chair.

All-in-all it was a good session of play though, and I'm liking Wintertusk so far. I've noticed that it would be an excellent alternative leveling spot instead of Celestia as the quest experience rewards seem really nice. I was even noticing quite a few people dinging levels around me. GRATZ PEOPLES!

Happy Dueling!


The Heroic Pyromancer said...

Lol. I really like the use of mancers here: nanamancer, diapermancer, puppymancer, computermancer, and laptopmancer. We should SO call the mythbusters! I love that show.-Thunderblade

Brandon WinterFinder said...

lol.puppymancer?its so cute. oh and can you visit my blog, winterfinders way?

witchwarrior said...

Puppymancer is KAWAII DESU! I wanna take it home with me!

BlushingAngelPie said...

the puppymancer is so adorable!!!

Xinaed said...

I really liked that it was a Yeti. Went in and was like, eeek a yeti! :D I loved it. Would really really like to have one of them for a pet. :) Not irl though because uh oh >.<

P.D. (Luke GoldHorn) said...

Great post Thomas! I love your new puppy! :) Teehehe, it's funny to see one of my terms used and become popular :)One day a dog tries to play W101 and the next everyone has a Puppymancer of their own :D

Tara Darkgem said...

aww look at the cute wittle puppymancer. you are so much cuter than my fat lazy labrador retriever.

AutumnalDusk said...

Loved your article in Beckett's, as good a writer as ever, mon frere, although I did seem to fail on redeeming my Drinking Horn, perhaps because the client had to patch. A minor detail, to be sure.

shon311 said...

The puppymancer was a cute pet friendly. ALso, I versed that yeti and it was so hard! Can I meet you in wizard101?