Monday, May 23, 2011

Wintertusk Day 5 (Everwinter no more!)

I guess there should really be a post in between Day 4 and 5 called day 4.5 because after we got our level 58 pets we took some time to level them up and hatch a couple hybrids. What do you get when you cross a King Holly and a Tucker?

You get a Mister Luna!

So yesterday we decided it was time to pick up where we left off and finish Wintertusk! YARR! . . . only problem was that we were somehow a little lost on where we actually left off and ended up finishing a few side quests until we got back on track. This did lead to a couple of fantastic screenshots though. ;-)

A MIGHTY STRIKE TO GOTHRIC HONORBOUND! (Gothric, now there's a name!)


After some help from the Central Wiki and Timothy LightTalon, we were back on the right track of trying to extract a tooth from Nithogg, aka World Tree Parasite. This process involved gathering some hemlock and some ice bark and then getting Regin Wildleaf to mix up a magical toothache potion. Tada!

After handing over the tooth (that's gonna be one nice paycheck from the tooth fairy I'm sure), Nordri was impressed, and he handed us our fourth and final golden seal!

All that was left at this point was to go place the seals in front of the Ice Titan to ensure he stays fast asleep. This meant we needed to go to NASTROND! dun dun dun!

Nostrond is the final instance of Wintertusk where all your efforts culminate and you face off against a couple sets of four bosses. The first you face off against are some "ensorceled" heroes of Wintertusk (Dulin's War-band). Njal Silversong, Agnetta Broadblade, Thorfin Treetamer, and Ulfang Greathorn are all under the spell of a particularly tricksy raven named Eitri Shadowmirk.

It just takes a good defeat at your hands to snap them out of said ensorceled state, and MY OH MY LOOK AT THE LOOT FLY!


Then all was left was to pit our goofy band of four (Thomas Lionblood, Bailey Skystaff, Timothy Lighttalon, and Alex Deathshade) against the coven's goofy band of four (Nordri, Austri, Vestri, and Sudri) in the epic battle of Jotengaard! WOOT!

Timothy let us in on Vestri and the gang's way of cheating, and the rest was history. As Timothy explained it, you basically play "tag" with the bosses. Each round one of the bosses is "it," and he is the only one you can attack that round UNLESS YOU USE AOE's. I guess because you tag the giant brother who is "it" in the process of using an AOE spell, it bypasses their cheat . . . something like that. AOEs FTW!

Bailey did most of the work killing the bosses, but I did manage to get that final hit on Nordri to "seal" the deal.

. . . and with the final seal in place . . .

Everwinter was thwarted yet again! WOOT!

Wintertusk was definitely fun and profitable, and there are still more side quests I need to go back and finish. There is still more fun to be discovered, and by the looks of some of the crafted items, I may want to look into crafting a ring or anthame or two. :)

Thanks KI for a great expansion. I'm really happy I was able to play through it with Bailey. She's definitely the better half. :)

So, what did you all think about Wintertusk? Also, what do you see as the main reason to go back after you've finished it? Loot? Reagents? Great Scenery? Make a comment below!

Happy Dueling!


TimothyLighttalon said...

Wintertusk gear sells for lots of shiny gold coins, so at times, I go back to farm for some money to hatch for hybrids at the hatchery. :)

Sierra Starsong said...

I'm just starting Austrilund, wish I could get a few of those snowy autumn trees to put around my Watchtower Hall! A Thane's Table with pieces would be a great housing addition too.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if people will be farming Wintertusk - partially for money, but especially because DAIYMN, some of that gear is SWEET!

I'll still be heading back to Wintertusk, just to hang out and enjoy the music and scenery, though. There's something oddly comforting about hanging out near Ymir.

Anonymous said...

I love the Sudrilund hats giving the extra blade for your school thats stack-able, and great Crit rate. And the pets don't get any selfish talents! Woohoo :)

Vanessa EmeraldGlade! said...

I loved how the music fitted in with the scenery and storyline. It was pretty (Even when I didn't finish it!)! I loved the loot too! :):)

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Nice Friendly XD Bailey was telling me about this yesterday night when you where asleep about how you guys JUST beat Wintertusk. Congrats XD


Hi friendly, Its me, Talon!
I haven't finished grizzleheim, lol, but what i see from screenshots and peoples descriptions, the scenery.
I mean, seeing a giant ice giant( or titan) would be cool. what next, a storm triton titan?
still, wintertusk sounds and looks cool!


The Heroic Pyromancer said...

Gratz, Friendly and Bailey on beating Wintertusk! I can only teleport to WT because I still haven't beaten GH. I am in Ravenscar, then WT! I am thinking the next world will be Arabian/Persian. See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade

Evan Shadow said...

Gosh that gear really rocks! I just got my Ice Wyvern, and have to get the Ice Bark for the Drake! Then I go to Nastrond! YAY!
=D You could see my YouTube video, it was on the Test Realm :-( but I'm almost there on Live!

P.S. You spelled Nastrond wrong, the one in all caps. You put "NOSTROND!" lol

P.P.S. Are you done with everything now?

P.P.P.S. What rank/level is your Nightwing pet now?

P.P.P.P.S. And did uber wife get a hybrid?

P.P.P.P.P.S. Gosh I did a lot of P.S'es!

Stingite said...

@Timothy: money = good reason! :)

@sierra: Is Wintertusk lacking furniture drops? I don't think I've seen anything drop yet.

@Anon: haha the snoring is . . . peaceful?

@Arlen: Sundriland hats! Thanks will research!

@Vanessa: yup. Music grew on me for sure.

@Blaze: thanks man!

@Talon: IKR! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your usual flair. XD

@THP: nice! That flying carpet in the commercial definitely makes me think of an arabian world.

@Evan: fixed Nastrond. Thanks! We still have side quests to finish. The nightwing is adult now. yup, uber wife also got the nightwing from the hatch. ;p

Anonymous said...

Gratz on finally beating WT... and getting up Day 5! lol.

You didn't hear this from me (and please don't make a whole blog post about it, my informant would go ballistic) but I know all the items in the new epic bundle :D I -may- be able to say what they are. Not sure...

shiarie said...

WT was a lot of fun...I love the loot you get because now I can afford that Death house for my Death wizard....I really like going back just to enjoy the music and scenery.

Lenora NightWraith said...

To answer your question, I say all of the above! The cash flow from the loot in WT is REALLY awesome, but the reagent flow is just as good! Especially helpful for all of us serious crafters. Even though WT is like an extension of Grizzleheim I love the scenery much more than the latter and I only wish that it had lasted a little longer. Congrats on semi-finishing WinterTusk btw. :)

AutumnalDusk said...

Love seeing the "Hubby and Wifey" battling side-by-side, always an Epic Duo.

shon311 said...

I loved the area in general and the main thing is the monsters because they are so hard they makes Wintertusk so much fun