Friday, May 13, 2011

Wintertusk Day 2

Bailey and I continued our adventures through Wintertusk yesterday right where we left off the day before . . . and that was with gathering some Yummy Great Harvest Bread. Oh wait, it was Regin's Harvest Bread, not Great Harvest Bread. Oh well, I figure I owe them a link since I used to live in an apartment right above a Great Harvest Bread back when I was going to College. Breakfast would consist of a free piece of bread and some chocolate milk. LIFE WAS AWESOME! Yummy bread smells every day . . . only bad thing was the amount of flies this yummy smell also seemed to attract into our apartment. I digress . . .

Where was I? Oh yeah, THE BREAD!

We gathered up some bread, warmed it in an oven, and even got some honey from a beehive, which all somehow tied into a task of learning how to play a game of Thane's Table.

You know, I was genuinely disappointed I didn't actually get to play a mini-game here called Thane's Table. Stunned actually. Why in the WORLD wouldn't you do that? It boggles my mind. I genuinely hope we see something like that in the future.

After experiencing a REALLY (and I mean really REALLY) bad joke of a quest from a boar named Grond, Austri was well pleased with our progress and therefore sent us off to be killed at the hands of Gorm's boars or Sulkri the orcish thingy.

Our adventuring ended with hunting down a couple of key pieces for the ghost of Grimaldi the Keymaker.

yada yada yada Nick Jonas wizard wants to kiss you.

You get the idea. ;p

Happy dueling!


Nyan Cat said...


i like the top one better :)

p. s. make sure you have your sound on

Fin and Quinn said...

I thought it was a pretty good joke...

I was laughing a bit when I saw it.


sean1240 said...

lol, nick loks so real. nice. your awesome.
-- Wizard101corner

Vanessa EmeraldGlade! said...

I think they didn't make a minigame because if you lost they couldn't make the rest of the dialog, and if they made it impossible to lose it would take a lot of planning, but....I do wanna play Wizard101 Chess ;)