Friday, May 27, 2011!

Heya peeps,

I'm happy to announce the rental of a domain name! WOOTS! :-)

That's right friends, just point your browser to to experience the most advanced and visually stunning website EVAR!!!


With stunning and awesome rollover graphic visuals! Watch as this:

. . . becomes this!

and when you click it, you go to another dimension of magicalness-ness! (Ah dangit. Just realized I forgot to put a unicorn on there somewhere. I gotta change that.) is obviously a work in progress. These are the humble beginnings of hopefully something much more awesome as I slowly lose my grip on sanity, I mean, as I slowly build a cool spot on the web that's all my own. :)

Happy Dueling . . . dot com!


AutumnalDusk said...


Ever ambitious, the Friendlymancer,
Ever aspiring to loftier heights, Ever to add "just one more thing", Ever his sanity to bid a "Good Night".

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Epic idea and intro concept! Incorporating all blogs into your motto, with a human octopus! That's art :)

witchwarrior said...

Cool beans!
If you want, I could draw a better picture and customize the types to link locations.
Up to you ^-^

Tara Darkgem said...

i didnt know about it till today when i saw my friend had it and the new house!
that house is so epic i must get one!!!!!!!!
just wanted to let you know! its a double wide from gamestop and it gives a sultan's palace and a pet snake in a basket and a flying carpet mount!!!

Anonymous said...

Eh, sanity is overrated.

Smogger Smasher said...

Oh, Friendly, you cunning mastermind, you. This must be your first step in total Web domination!!! "Today,, tomorrow, THE WORLD!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" P.S: I tried the bottom link for the Mytheon one, but it didn't work. This might just be me though.

Zachary Skywielder said...

I must agree with anon.
I must say, nice work with the hotspots (I assume that's what they were, on my mobile and too lazy to download an app and see) did you take the time to make them custom? or are they standard shapes
if you would like any HTML done, I am fairly proficient


That is so cool!
Friendly , did you have to pay for the site?
I agree with you, that really needs a unicorn in there.:)
Ps: I might get a blog soon!


Zachary Skywielder said...

i was just wondering, i know you say to be patient but with you blogging less now, do you still check or should i try to contact you a different way

Cody Shadowstrider said...

Lol, this is weird.

Zachary Skywielder said...

hey did you write the html and javascript for this yourself, cause it's kinda inefficient, you can preload an image with css that would allow you to avoid all that nasty javascript: place the second image in the background and move the image covering it on rollover
google uses this to an extreme by placing all their navigation images in a single file and only displaying one

Stingite said...

@Zach: Heya. I appreciate all the offers for help, and if I need something advanced, I'll be sure to ask you. I just used Dreamweaver to make the rollover using their splices feature. I'm sure it's full of inefficiences. LOL. Then again, probably better than breaking out the Frontpage 2000. ;-) Thanks for the offer!