Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wintertusk Day 1

Bailey Skystaff and I got a chance to sit down and play through a bit of Wintertusk last night! WOOT! Of course, I was stuck on the crappy laptop with missing keys and horrible lag, but STILL, togetherness!

Here we are together with grandmother raven in her true form:

(I look so stretchy when it's Bailey taking the pictures! :p)

I was blown away when I finally heard "the voice" of Grandmother Raven and had a HUGE HUGE "AHA!" moment. That was such a nice touch by KI. Really well done. In fact that whole scene with Grandmother Raven was really well done. I do believe this particular "cut scene" mechanic we get there (i.e., with camera panning) is the third time we've had one of those in the whole game . . . the first time being the tutorial (thanks Tracy!), the second time being when Selena Gomez was still in the spiral, and finally, now, this Grandmother Raven cut scene, which is special and covered in awesomesauce.

Last night was all about besting Hrundle Fjord's beginning quests and wandering around in this nice little compact world.

Eventually we made our way over to see Austri in Austriland and accepted the quest to begin proving our worthiness for the jolly green giant.

By this time kids had stopped distracting themselves and began crawling over us needing some computer time of their own, so we called it a night . . . well, I did at least.

Bailey logged on later and got Kyle his Kraken pet. Apparently storm wizards can get their level 58 pet early in Wintertusk as long as they have a friend they can port to who can "get across the bridge."


I picked up a cool pair of shoes for the evening and got my Dark Pact spell, which was awesome for helping blade up Bailey's attacks. I'm digging that spell.

I was hearing reports that people (and by people, I mean Alric Ravensinger) had finished up Wintertusk as early as 10 am yesterday. HAHAHA! Awesome.

How'd the rest of you fare?

OH, and btw . . . NICK JONAS WIZARD APPROVES OF THIS MESSAGE! You may now kiss his lips on your monitor while no one is looking:


Happy Dueling!


Brandon WinterFinder said...

LOL.Hey Friendly, could u visit my blog, winterfinders way? well the one with me in armor.

Tracy said...

There was a cutscene way back in the new wizard tutorial when Malistaire's talking to Ambrose, and a brief one (kinda) chasing Meowiarty through Newgate Prison. And an interactive cutscene of sorts when we finally face Malistaire again.

Stingite said...

@Brandon: Cool! I'll check it out later. Thanks!

@Tracy: I'll give you the tutorial, but the other two are not really on par with how awesome this cut scene was. The camera moving around the tree and the unfurling of GR's wings were really special. Point taken though, and I'm gonna modify the post to account for your comment. Thanks!

Kevin BattleBlood said...

Congrats to Kyle on his new Kraken pet! Can't wait to see the family indulge in hatching for the new hybrids :)

Thanks for the mention in your last post, and really nice animated banner that details your "welcome" image through the times. *nostalgiaaaaa*